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About Don Pansacola

Don is the CEO and Co-founder of, a fast, simple, and affordable digital banking suite for small Filipino businesses.

His background in software engineering, blockchain, distributed technologies, and digital product design made him integral to the growth and success of a major tech startup, OpenDNS. He was part of the early core product team who saw its eventual acquisition by Cisco Systems, a Fortune 100 company.

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NextPay is a digital bank for small businesses and entrepreneurs in The Philippines. They use us to send invoices, collect payments, do payroll, and pay their bills.

NextPay is the best alternative to bank accounts for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Philippines. We help them similarly to how Brex helps companies in the US, but in a way that is more locally nuanced. We manage their finances and remove the steep barriers that Filipino banks and financial institutions typically require; no setup fees, maintaining balances, or ridiculous requirements.

View the full context on our Launch Bookface post:

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