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Co-founder of buildspace 

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About Farza Majeed

I'm Farza. Started my first co at 13 and have been at jt since! Today, I'm the founder of (a16z + yc) -- past: self-driving cars, deep learning engineer @, and was the cto @

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we’re the largest place where you give your idea a shot.

and, we mean any idea — a hip-hop album, short film, a novel, some indie software, a youtube channel — whatever.

no idea is too big or too small.

it all starts with nights & weekends.

it's six-weeks where you can start any idea from zero on your nights and weekends, and by the end you'll have your first fans, revenue, downloads, whatever.

in 2023:

- 12M+ ppl saw our content across Instagram and Twitter.
- more than 30,000 people joined nights & weekends to work on their own ideas.
- 1,000 people flew to meet us and others like them for 3-days.

and, we had 1,000 people come out to one of our physical, 3-day events.

to get a sense of what this all looks like in practice, see our video for season four [here](

we even built a [physical campus]( for people who want to go full-time on their idea and need place to figure it out -- again, we don't care how big or small the idea is.

overall, it's been a journey.

so, now what?

in 2023, we built up massive distribution. it was all about creating really high-quality content + experiences. but, it was all very one-off.

in 2024, we're fully focused on taking all our learnings and building a world class product. a product that can help millions pursue their passions and build their ideas.

and, we're looking for talented engineers and designers to help us figure it out.

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