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Bengaluru, India, United States

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About Synth

We are building a second brain for knowledge workers. Our app captures all the relevant information you consume - text, audio, video and summarizes it 1-click. It also makes it easy to search and retrieve the information you want, wherever you like.

All co-founders know each other since 2019 and met at a one-year AI fellowship. Since their time at the fellowship, they have felt frustrated creating their second brain while shifting between apps like Roam Research, and Obsidian. These applications were burdening them to do all three tasks of capturing, organizing, and retrieving, making the cost to value ratio of setting up the second brain really high. They decided to solve this and want to shift the burden of these steps on to software, making it easier for a user to build their second brain.

Synth is targeting 30 million knowledge workers, who earn more than $100k, paying us $20 per month, presenting a $7.2billion market opportunity.

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