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I work as Chief Operating Officer for The Asper Company, a firm that has collectively achieved over $100m in investment and loans for growing businesses. Asper also holds subsidiaries and projects ranging from cryptocurrency mining, celebrity cosmetics, influencer networking and crude oil logistics. This role is definitely my main position right now, but I also work a number of other executive roles across retail and consumer markets. As well as these commercial roles, I previously worked in management for two nonprofit groups and also volunteer in coaching young people around the world in the subject of business.

Although I am not currently interested in investing, it could be relevant that I've previously invested in numerous companies across industries such as cloud technology, beverages, insurance, biofuel, cosmetics, fitness, farming, engineering, marketing, AI, legal cannabis, real estate and education.

Finally, I have worked in/continue to work in a number of other roles in a self-employed capacity. These include managing the careers of an R&B musician and an American Instagram influencer, managing a small politician's campaign, blogging on my own platforms, guest blogging on other platforms such as Millionaire Millennials and Michael Hartzell, content creation, community management, design and editing.

Companies & Work

Kohinoor Acquisitions


United Kingdom

Nov 2020 — Present

Kohinoor Acquisitions is an acquisition and investment firm that makes up part of the Kohinoor family of brands.

Gem Hosting

Publicity Director

United Kingdom

Nov 2020 — Present

Gem Hosting is a technology company that aims to exploit the valuable British domain and hosting market.



United Kingdom

Nov 2020 — Present

Kohinoor is a holding company that currently manages interests across a diverse range of industries including technology, entertainment and consultancy.

Labyrinth Global

Managing Director

United Kingdom

Mar 2020 — Present

Labyrinth is a business consultancy firm that works with consultation-for-equity deals across Britain, Ghana and Switzerland.


Managing Director

United Kingdom

Feb 2020 — Present

Vacancy4Me is a job service that works to provide career development and job seeking opportunities to local economies.

Logical Entertainment

Marketing Director

United Kingdom

Oct 2019 — Present

Logical is a Britain-based entertainment management and content creation firm.

Mascot Distribution UK

Financial Director

United Kingdom

Feb 2021 — Mar 2021

MDUK is a holding company for mascot-related distribution activities.

Mascots Direct

Financial Director

United Kingdom

Dec 2020 — Mar 2021

Mascots Direct is an equipment rental firm that specializes in the leasing and sale of mascot and entertainment products via its website.

Mascot Museum

Public Relations Director

United Kingdom

Apr 2020 — Mar 2021

The Mascot Museum is a digital Wiki of notable mascots.

Retail Rental

Financial Director

United Kingdom

Sep 2019 — Feb 2021

Retail Rental is an equipment rental firm that specializes in the leasing and sale of POS related products.

Team Scouse

Locations Director

United Kingdom

Jul 2020 — Sep 2020

Team Scouse is a group of entrepreneurs who fundraise to support important charities across Northwest England.

Hydra Incorporated

Chief Executive Officer

United Kingdom

Nov 2019 — Feb 2020

Hydra is a holding company that focuses on the entertainment and technology sectors through a collection of subsidiaries.

Verve Solutions

Business Consultant

United Kingdom

Nov 2019 — Apr 2020

Verve is a business solutions company that focuses on developing marketing material and brand content.


Digital Business Academy

Branding | Tech For Good | Customer Satisfaction | Marketing Campaigns | Entrepreneurship

Apr 2020 — May 2020


Quantic School of Business and Technology

Cultural Intelligence | Stocks & Bonds | Marketing Fundamentals | Regression Analysis

May 2020 — Jun 2020


Osha Campus

COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention

Apr 2020 — Apr 2020



Business Basics | Microeconomics | Statistics Basics | Employability | Finance & Accounting

May 2020 — Jun 2020


360 Training

ID Checkpoint

Feb 2020 — Feb 2020



Alcohol Server Training | Food & Beverage Takeout, Pickup & Delivery

Jul 2020 — Aug 2020


7 Cups

Active Listening

Jul 2020 — Jul 2020


Prince's Trust

Enterprise Program

Jul 2020 — Aug 2020


King George V College


Jul 2017 — Sep 2019


Saylor Academy

Business Law | English | Art Appreciation | Learning

May 2019 — Jun 2019


Tech Nation

Digital Business | Marketing | Start-Up Finance | Talent Strategy | Business Growth | Investments

Sep 2019 — Oct 2019



Market Research | Faith | Fitness

Mar 2019 — Apr 2019


News & Press

The Silent Crash | Millionaire Millennials

A little known fact is that a financial crisis is almost definitely coming in the near future. It will be a bigger and more damaging crash than Wall Street or The Great Recession and will leave civil wars, collapsing industries and broken governments in it's wake.... Guest article by Callum L Grady


Creating an Innovative Workplace (Simple & Powerful) | Michael Hartzell

What makes those famous Silicon Valley companies attract and keep top talent? Given a choice, the talent went to work for Google, Facebook or Apple. What made them do that?.... Guest article by Callum L Grady


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