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About Reubiks Academy

Reubiks Academy is an EdTech start-up which focuses on creating Asia's number 1 education marketplace. We match private tutors to students, tuition centres to learners and trainers to students. All of this is done on a mobile app. We are the only education marketplace which provides a structured and different user experience for Private Tutors, Tuition Centres, Trainers and Learners.

Through the Reubiks App we aim to increase accessibility to affordable, quality, and nearby education providers for both Academic and Non-Academic Subjects. We also aim to bring the much-needed transparency which the education marketplace needs. At the same time, besides transparency. the app also aims to bring efficiency to learners by reducing the average amount of time they spend sourcing and paying for lessons and courses.

Job Positions

Partner Onboarding Specialist (Non-Academic)

61 Ubi Road 1 408727 #02-17

Full Time

$2000 - $3000 monthly

Partner Onboarding Specialist

61 Ubi Road 1 408727 #02-17

Full Time

Founders & Key People

Japhet Lim

Co-Founder of Reubiks Academy

I am a serial entrepreneur who since graduating from NUS (National University of Singapore) back in 2016, had never held a full-time job. Before Reubiks, I attempted entrepreneurship multiple times, most of the time I would fail and some of those times, he could at least make some money. However, no matter how many times I attempted entrepreneurship, I stood by one thing fervently, and that thing is education and learning. Even in my University days, I believed in education and learning, which is why I took up multiple speaker/training roles, including that of E-Commerce platforms, Forex Trading schools and even Blockchain Technology. However, I always realized that the education market is full of inefficiencies and people would spend so much money on courses, simply because they went to a preview seminar and they think the world of the trainer, but in actual fact, there were so many other trainers out there doing the same thing, each with their different strengths. As a result, students end up paying thousands of dollars for courses which may not help them or are simply not worth the price, I had first hand contact with middle aged uncles and aunties who would spend tens of thousands of dollars on courses, only to walk away with nothing truly gained. The main reason for this phenomenon? Learners simply had little choices to choose from – there simply wasn’t a single 3rd party platform where users can compare and contrast between all of these courses, to see which one is the best and most suited to their needs, I deeply believe that if thousands of dollars must be paid for a course, then it better be paid to the trainer who can impart the right knowledge and not to a trainer who does not deserve the money. More importantly, when trainers are put side by side, it provides a fairer/wholesome picture for the end user, instead of deciding just after going to a single seminar. Another problem which I spotted in the academic learning industry, was the fact that parents did not know where to go to find quality tutors or for some average to lower income groups, not knowing where to find affordable options for tutoring. Parents often pondered whether to choose a private tutor or to send their kids to a tuition centre, and if they did send their kids to a tuition centre, where would the closest tuition centre be? And that's why I started the Reubiks App - an app like Reubiks can solve these problems and disrupt the learning industry in a highly positive manner.

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Reubiks Academy is based in Singapore

61 Ubi Road 1, #02-17, Singapore, 408727, Singapore, Singapore

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