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SO, why another news portal?

At a time when news organisations are downsizing, with several facing closure, why are we at The Vibes doing the opposite?

Circumstances – be they economic, political or environmental – may bring hardship and misfortune to some, but also opportunities to others.

We at The Vibes are fortunate to be in the latter category.

But, we accept our opportunities with gratitude and the understanding that we have a responsibility to ensure that journalism – good journalism, at least – does not fall victim to external considerations, such as the Covid-19 pandemic that has brought many sectors to their knees.

Good people have been put in a position where they are forced to choose between compromising their principles and putting food on the table for their families.

In Malaysia, economic uncertainties are compounded by political ones that have threatened efforts to implement institutional reform, and the minority voices of extremism, intolerance and special interests seem to have drowned out others clamouring for moderation, inclusivity, integrity, transparency and justice.

Now, more than ever, the media is needed to execute its responsibility as the Fourth Estate and see to it that those in power are held to account, limited national resources are neither exploited nor wasted, and the public interest is served before that of any individual.

Journalism has often been the victim of economic considerations or political affiliations, coupled with the hypocrisy and vested interests of some who wield the pen.

We promise and endeavour not to have such baggage.

We are guided by, among others, our tagline “From Every Side” to emphasise that we are committed not only to doing our job as journalists to tell you what exactly is going on, but also as stakeholders of this nation, to create an ecosystem that not only allows for healthy discourse, but takes it a step further by turning talk into action.

How we do it will be evident as you witness the evolution of this site and get to know us better.

The word “vibes” has multiple meanings and descriptions, among them atmospheric, emotive and reactionary.

We do not have a paywall, and this is because The Vibes is your platform. It will mean different things to different people, but we hope that at least, all will agree we are an organisation that has your back, and will inform and educate, as well as critique and shock if we must.

Our strength is in our diversity, whether ethnicity, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, skill set or economic background. And, our shared values will fuel our purpose to build a better-informed society.


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