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Kongsi Play is a website that allows console gamers to rent games to and from each other. Yes, not business to consumer, but consumer to consumer. You think can think of it as eBay but strictly for game rental.

Basically we want Gamers to help Gamers. We think that the currency issue is huge. Imagine if Americans had to pay $200 for their console games? It's absurd! Yet that is the reality all Asian countries face when it comes to console games, Malaysia is no exception. A new game is about RM260 these days, not including DLCs and micro-transactions. That's about 10% of the average Malaysian's income. For a game that they will play maybe for a month!

However, by paying a refundable deposit and a rental fee set by the vendor (any gamer can become one), they can rent the newest games even and enjoy them without having to pay too much or wait years before the game gets cheap enough to buy.

The current market is filled with gamers buying and selling their games, not understanding that if they fail to sell their games, they take all the loss of the cost, and even if they do sell the game it is often at a huge loss anyway since they have to compete with other sellers. On the other hand, in the rental market, 10 gamers can help the first gamer make back all his money and even profit without any risk. Kongsi Play is turning gamers' liabilities into a possible asset. They are often sitting on a pile of cash and they don't even know it! 10 games a month rented out could be RM200-300 which could easily fund their gaming hobby.

We believe that we can help gamers in Malaysia game more cheaply. If this idea works, it is possible to play 10-20 or even more games in a single year. Only if everyone shares their game collections with each other.

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Danny Siah


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