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Shop The Globe – The Next Generation of Online Wholesale Exchange – has now opened it’s wholesale merchant free vendor registration, we welcome most global merchandise and companies for online posting and sales, but we can especially help companies that have a goal and desire to significantly expand into global markets, and want to Buy or Sell merchandise in a much larger more open and transparent worldwide wholesale marketplace. We provide merchants with a low cost global platform where companies can present and market their goods & merchandise completely openly worldwide. Shop The Globe is an open community based global platform, that we will provide online buying, selling and global connectivity services, providing global language translations. Companies and their products, will be listed and published in each and every major language, and will be presented in all of the worlds largest open markets. We have a long history of owning and running a product manufacturing company, so we do understand and have dealt with many of the issues and roadblocks that global merchants have experienced. We are focusing on solving one of the largest merchants issues, providing a much larger, very diversified, low cost, open worldwide access, that allows you to increase your clients and product distribution or purchasing globally. SHOP THE GLOBE We at Shop The Globe define the words “Shop Wholesale Online” to mean you have the ability to review, filter, select, communicate and of course Buy & Sell on a simple global platform from a multitude of vendors from around the world. You can select products in your native language (we support every major global language) and have each product translated and presented based on your selected filters. Or you could post a product and have it translated and published in over 100 languages, and marketed in each and every major city and country worldwide. Will try our hardest to increase your worldwide access, exposure and global product markets. We worked hard to build this online business by focusing on providing low cost, B2B and global merchant friendly open online services. Very important to us, is that your listing will not have any out of pocket cost while utilizing only limited, if any middleman. This structure makes us 100% on your side. This is a much simpler low cost open global platform that will allow you to save and make more money. We allowed and have built into our merchant marketplace direct connectivity & coordination between any possible buyers and sellers, allowing some of the more traditional cross border hurdles to be solved very simply between open online communication between the two business parties, and possibly most importantly we eliminate the costly and in some case multi layered middlemen and accommodating fees, allowing you a higher percentage of each sale, and again, allowing you to save and make more money. We are owned by Communal News and have a sister company called Freelance Global Gigs, both have grown very fast, large growing global platforms, at very low costs or free to our vendors. You could read more about us here. With our global newspaper and worldwide gig services we providing millions of global business readers, listings, articles and associated business information, combined with our outstanding track record of building successful, very fast growing, low cost global platforms, we firmly know in time we will provide global open markets significant opportunities for buying and selling.

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Shop The Globe — Buy & Sell Wholesale Online We are looking for regional professional commissioned salesperson representing ShopTheGlobe in India. Help in the success of a very fast growing company. We are soon to launch our global platform for wholesale companies. We are looking for a globally native market salesperson to help launch local companies in India on our online global markets platform. We provide the ability for local merchants to post their products locally, but be reviewed globally, in every major language, open country and city in the globe. So in almost an instant your local merchant products could be seen and reviewed globally for volume purchases. In India our platform provides the following languages: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and English. is targeting though it’s own online global news services potential buyers, for your listing, in the very fast growing online stores that need a constant supply of unique and different goods. Many companies will want to sell and market their products globally on our next generation service, all they need it to be properly informed, and that is where we need help. Our experience is that merchants would love to have, low cost global exposure so this should be a very easy to sell, as most merchants are already looking for such a global platform, as merchant online sign up is free and easy. It would be extremely helpful if you already have a list or relations as a trade shows representative or previous local wholesale market knowledge. We will pay $100 US for each company that lists a product or products on our platform, plus ½ of that company’s first year of sales, which works out to be 6% of the listing companies total sales, and 3% of the listed sales in the second year, as this could very considerable. All commissioned sales must be sold through our global platform. Read more about us here: If you have interest please contact us for more information. Email us Directly to:

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