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we are an artist collective from Bishop california. We are creative survivors. We have been through hell and back seen pain and confronted demons face to face. we have over come .hardships. trauma . addiction. domestic violence and cancer
facing homelessness and being hungry. Some of those we loved did not make it, through the storm. But it was not in vain for we carry them with us. Society says we can never amount anything more. We take our talents our passion and bring to you designs with heart and depth. we take pride in our work as it give us another day to find the beauty beneath the chaos. Its all about second chances and believing in yourself.


1851 shoshone dr
93514, CA
United States

Job Positions

Digital artist and illustrator, personal assistant

Full Time

As I am trying to keep this company afloat, I can not handle everything that i have on my plate, admin role ,designer, marketing , plus counselor , mom. I don't like taking forever on clients projects or scrambling to find someone who can do the job 100% on the fly. I am looking for someone who I can pitch the clients idea , we schedule a confernce and its go time. I need you to have passion for each piece pride in the work and not accepting anything less than your best. I have a tendency to get swept away, and carried beyond what is necessary. I need help bringing me back in, setting priorities and keeping me on a schedule. I am all for being a stepping stone in your future plans, and will help you anyway I can as long as you do the same. We deal with alot of people that have been in bad spot , and done somethings we don't judge , we give second chances .

Dixon Lane-Meadow Creek, CA 93USD 455 monthly

People & Team

Kaitlin Crom


helping creatives who have given up find there light again by creating commercial art via retail and graphic Design

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