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Co-Founder & CEO of Outside App 

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About Nicholas Lim

Nicholas started his entrepreneurship journey with his friends when they were 16, self learning programming and other key skills while working on a total of seven ideas together. He is a tech startup enthusiast, ex- K9 handler (Military Working Dog Unit), a seasonal baker and the Co-Founder of Outside, a community app that makes it fun and easy for people to help each other with daily inconveniences.⁣⁣⁣

Companies & Work

Outside - Community Tasking App

Outside - Community Tasking App

Outside is a community app that makes it fun and easy for users to help each other with day-to-day errands, making it possible for everyday problems to be solved by everyday people. We strive to significantly lower the opportunity cost for helping others by making use of geolocation technologies and redesigning the way "helpsourcing" is done.

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