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U.S. businesses face a hiring crunch, report says

HR leaders, in an April 2021 survey by The Conference Board, weighed in on the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on both the workforce and the workplace. Their report identifies a hiring crunch for many businesses.


More businesses turn to software to monitor their remote employees’ productivity

As remote work grows, so too does businesses? use of employee monitoring software. Only two states prohibit the use of surveillance software.


The PPP loan forgiveness chronicles

With an imminent deadline approaching, many businesses that benefited from PPP loans must request loan forgiveness soon or be held accountable for repaying the money they received.


Is grit overrated? Research suggests “yes”

Meta: Grit has long been considered the secret to success for entrepreneurs, but a body of research suggests its importance has been vastly overstated and that factors such as IQ, socioeconomic class and education have a stronger effect than grit.


Glossary: The HR and payroll terms every business owner must know

This master list of common human resources and payroll terms for business owners is a handy refresher for easy reference. The list defines some of the most frequently used terms in HR departments today.


Learn to spot the 7 types of bad bosses, and find out how to handle them

A list of bad bosses and leaders, who can make your work life a disaster, but there several ways how you can deal with them.


What 6 personality traits do successful entrepreneurs share?

Acquiring and honing specialized abilities is an important part of becoming a good leader. You can be a role model for a team in any situation if you have the best leadership qualities.


Returning to the office: 5 ways to communicate expectations while allaying employees' concerns

Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees can help companies make their return to workplaces smoother


Microsoft Teams vs Google Meet vs Zoom: What are the differences among the trifecta of video calling platforms?

Video conferencing software and apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have become increasingly popular as a form of communication for a wide range of individuals and enterprises. But which app comes out on top?


EEOC authorizes employer vaccine incentives

New guidance from the federal government permits employers to mandate COVID-19 vaccines. Employers can also incentivize employees to get the vaccine


A look at 10 of the most-successful Kickstarter projects of all time

Kickstarter is a launch pad for budding entrepreneurs, or inventors helping to bring dream ventures to life. Learn about the top 10 Kickstarter projects that can be counted as the tip of the Kickstarter dream.


Report identifies 15 new statistics small businesses need to know to be competitive

Staying abreast of the latest industry trends can help small businesses find success in the coming years. Here we provide a rundown of 15 statistics small business owners need to know to stay competitive.


Survey: Employers, employees don't see eye to eye about financial wellness

According to a recent survey of 1,250 employees and 200 employers in the U.S., 70% of hourly workers and 65% of salaried workers are struggling to make ends meet.


Doing your own bookkeeping: Is it worth it?

You can?t run a healthy and successful business without having your books in order. But handling the financial accounts on your own may not always be a good idea.


What Is green cryptocurrency, and why are some billionaires fighting over Bitcoin's carbon footprint?

Bitcoin recently came into prominence when industry stalwarts like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey began speaking out for and against it. Bitcoin?s strikingly high carbon footprint makes critics skeptical, but new versions are pending


6 everyday Zoom gaffes that nobody talks about

There are obvious Zoom problems, and then there are some that are less obvious that you could unknowingly be making.


Make Your Startup a Lean Machine: Cut Costs with These 7 Founder-Tested Tips

Early-stage startups can manage costs and keep them low despite minimal income by employing tactics such as leasing equipment instead of buying, securing a line of credit and partnerships.


How to make the 80/20 rule work for you and waste less time

The Pareto principle is also called the 80-20 rule, which states that approximately 80% of the effect of something comes from 20% of the causes.


How to breathe life back into your remote meetings

With a bit of planning, business leaders can make remote meetings more engaging and efficient and minimize unprofessional behavior


Drones offer a competitive edge for some small businesses

Drones are making their way from the domain of big businesses into the realm of smaller businesses, a move that has been precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic and consumers? comfort with online ordering


5 key insights on how to achieve the impossible from NYT bestselling author Steven Kotler’s new book

New York Times bestselling author and peak performance expert Steven Kotler deciphers the secrets of elite athletes, scientists, CEOs, artists and more in ?The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer.? Learn the 5 key insights from this book.


Researcher probes how much CEOs really matter

In a recent podcast, Insead business school Professor of Strategy Guoli Chen delved into the question as to how much CEOs matter. Chen?s research reveals that CEOs are responsible for only 15% to 20% of business results, depending on the sample size and empirical model used


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