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🌏Asia Studio Expansion Strategist @ MOVE Private Fitness | 🎤Seminar Speaker | 📚Upcoming Author | 👶Dad of a 1 year old 

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About CJ Lee

If you're thinking of the one person who is able to start, grow and scale a boutique personal training studio brand, that has to be CJ and here's why...

Started off his personal training career in a country known for sheeps causing traffic jam, then moved on to work (as a PT still) in a city with a nickname "city of angels" and eventually, back to his root, Malaysia, co-founded the most established personal training studio in Malaysia - The Playground Fitness,

CJ has bagged a wealth of experience in the fitness industry across multiple countries and has deep understanding of what it takes for a boutique personal training studio brand to excel not just in the typical P&L (Profit and Loss), but also (PURPOSE and LONGEVITY)

Currently working on taking a new upcoming boutique personal training studio brand to scale throughout Malaysia, then South East Asia, and eventually, Asia.

Not your typical leader from the corporate-like fitness brands where the negative impact of hierarchy is real (high personal trainers turnover rate as a result), CJ and his partners are working on a unique mechanism that allows the ultimate career fulfillments amongst all team members (trainers, management staff etc), and eventually, allowing passionate trainers to still be able to play a part in the industry regardless of age.

Core values: Humble, Happy, Honest, Hungry

*P.S.: Currently on a look out for investment partners to grow together with a possible IPO or M&A in the pipeline.

Companies & Work

MOVE Private Fitness

Studio Expansion Strategist

MOVE Private Fitness Studio Chain

We are a boutique 1 on 1 personal fitness coaching studio that has helped hundreds of people to get back their health, fitness and vitality in the most sustainable and non invasive approach. A company led by industry veterans with the ambition to scale this business all over Asia in order to create greater impact. We are now preparing for our Series A funding round and working towards the ultimate IPO plan, or Merger and Acquisition, whichever that makes sense the most. And if you wish to come along on this journey to help make a direct impact to lives of many out there through your investment, let's have a chat to see if we are the right fit for each other.

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