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About Jin Kuk

I am genius Inventor, software/mechanical engineer and architect, Entrepreneur and digital artist, who earned 99,5 SAT score while very sick. pioneer of computer graphics. global and national prize winner. having 1000 new inventions for all areas
I have superior ability to design new invention in 30 minutes as blue print and market business plan.

my career and ability are extraordinary so you must read my full CV but here is brief history.

as short times, I worked as employee, mainly for my military duty. at that time, I made several miracles as always, such as South Korea's first global hit media for western world etc.

I opened my 3D software company since 1998, as started by 3D photoshop, I made 3D softwares and sold it. such as
*3D Photoshop - 3D renderer, modeler painter and image processing
*multiplatform mobile engine and tools, opengl es, terrain, special effect
*PC big size, MMORPG, golf simulator, 3D engine with Infinite terrain, terrain editor, visual effect tools, animation tool. etc
* various softwares too.

I also did various contract works as making prototype, making game, consulting, International meeting. client was various small and big companies mostly start up, or 10 years old companies, I involved with Samsung, LG, Nvidia, Sony, Korean army as secret, pioneering project.

I am master of software engineering. I rebuilt complex 500,000 lines of C++ projects entire structure just in 3 months, so many times. I can literally unite several projects into miraculous one, such as I can mix Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint and ms word into totally different project as alone in 6 month.

I didn't major computer science because I already, mastered it enough at junior high.

at 2014, I verified my true talent as inventor, I more focusing on general invention area. as 3D printer, internal combustion engine, aircraft, vehicle, software, tools, 1000 others also you should look my CV.

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