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I want to provide Superior skilled services and bring Customer Service back to the industries, it really never should have left. People work very hard to buy their homes, and build their sanctuary, their own safe place, to
rest their heads, and nurture their families. It should be appreciated as the honor it is to be invited into that strangers home, to be trusted with the responsibility of caring for one of their life's most coveted achievement

We have never been over $25/hr for the both of us working, and we are set up to bring in last minute aid, for those unforseen circumstances. We give each task our own level of personal expectations and professional quality guarantee that we would provide for our own home, or a loved one's lawn care. Clients aren't just a means to a profitable end, we have far more respect for our work, and do whatever it requires to nurture the relationship long term. It's our honor and privilege to be invited into the homes of our neighbors, and trusted with the care for their  home, property, lawn, vehicle, pet, etc. It is the ultimate reward to know we are taking one more stress off their to do list.

We never take any job we dont know 110% we are qualified to do and will only do above industry standard work. We guarantee that our customers, get the perfection they deserve. 

We always ask for the home owners ideal overall budget and do whatever we can to meet their needs. We want to make sure both parties are getting the best possible deal. We don't want to merely price match. We want you to feel good about paying what you feel the work is worth.

We will never do anything that may change the outcome we had agreed too, or the cost for Services, without immediately getting your approval and input. Outside of, doing extra work in pursuit of even better results, that will never be charged for. 

We rarely charge for picking up/delivering materials, only provide receipts/documents for home owner to track & submitting reimbursements and we are happy to perform returns and credit the balance due. We do provide estimate/bid/receipts accordingly, for home owners to record or submit to insurance, etc. We accept credit/debit in Field, and credit/debit or electronic check via wave invoicing platform, in which case you pay via smart phone/computer at your convenience and within the security of a secure network that doesn't save your information unless you choose too set up your own personal account, accessible by only you. 

We only require deposits on select accounts, which we ask for in cash/check and  are happy to provide you with a negotiable minimum amount of labor (no more then 1/2 workday) to justify our commitment and capability to provide acceptable results. 

Customer satisfaction is far to uncommon in our field of work. We want to set the bar high when it comes to home and yard services, it's a genuinely honorable thing to be trusted with someone's home and the responsibility of it's care. Even more so when you are on the receiving end of where they invest their own hard earned money.

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I'm ready to revolutionize the NW Arbor Industry

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