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Ocam Sdn Bhd

Ocam Sdn Bhd

At OCAM, we are striving to expand our network of partnerships with people who really care about their coffee and where it comes from. We can ensure you that our coffee and its community of growers are not exposed to any harmful chemicals like fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. In fact, as one of the very few Malaysian companies that actually owns a roasting factory, we are able to comprehend the delicate balance between nature, labour, consumers and the end-product.

We know that the best quality coffee goes hand in hand with the principles of organic, roasting expertise and sourcing experience. Sourcing only the finest coffee beans from the top 10% of the worldwide organic crop, we have worked hard to bring the very best coffees from all around the world for you. We are on a quest to fulfill this one dream, sourcing the finest beans. We have been sourcing far and wide in search of the best coffee beans around the world, from Thailand to Indonesia, from Vietnam to Sri Lanka. Throughout this journey, we have learnt a massive deal of the varied and colourful coffee cultures from across the region. We would guarantee that you would not experience a finer coffee specially crafted blends (fingers crossed). It is our commitment on which we would like to build our name.

With the world’s finest coffee beans at our disposal, we take serious attention and special care in roasting them to bring you the best coffee imaginable. With our dedication to roasting expertise with our very own artisan, hand-crafted, high altitude techniques in a sophisticated roaster machine and unrivalled freshness, we insist on roasting all our beans to order. As coffee starts to loosen its flavor profile and taste over time, it is best consumed within 2 to 6 weeks once coffee beans are roasted.

As a saying goes “Good Days Start With Coffee And You”. We passionate to wake your senses up to the enchanting aroma of freshly brewed organic coffee at reasonable prices. That is why we believe that our coffee aficionados will get more from our beans than just a killer jolt of caffeine.

Like so many other coffee aficionados, we were tired of selecting between cheap stale coffee at some grocery stores and painfully some overpriced fancy café brews. Putting some pop-culture, hipster and gimmicks trendiness aside, we strive for direct approach to consumer model that can reach to anyone via any mobile phones or a computer and a mailbox. By trading directly with you online, we ensure orders travel straight from our roaster to your doorstep. That way, your coffee arrives as close to its roast date as possible. Our large-scale craft roaster is independently owned and operated in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. We control every single bit of the fulfilment process, from sourcing the best coffee beans to posting in front of your doorstep. That is how we could offer efficiency, affordability and variety of our coffee without compromising quality, freshness and authenticity. Through this vigorous process, every hand-packed coffee bag is filled with our enthusiasm, love, passion and appreciation for this humble yet complex plant we call coffee that you deserve.

Did we mention that our roasting factory has been awarded the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by the Malaysian Government? Did we mention that all of our coffee products are certified HALAL by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)? Did we mention that all OCAM’s roasts are fine-tuned by our experts and master cupper, they are the one who can coax the true potential out of each and every bean? Well, they do. It is all part of OCAM’s on-going obsessive desire and commitment, to become the very best.

Ezybro Media

Ezybro Media


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