I completed my MBA last year in London and was thinking, it was time for me to kick start my real life. However, things did not go as smooth as I thought. Discovered the real hiring differences in Singapore and the UK. People see MBA as "over qualified" and decided to drop my applications as I have applied not executive but assistant position. I wanted to learn from the bottom and the most fundamental skills to build up myself. However, chances were, not many wanted to offer me any opportunities. Chance upon, I met the two co-founders of the event company-The Blue Pocket, young and dynamic, open minded and motivated. They liked my organic brain with jumping ideas and decided to on board me as one of their members and I decided to drop the 8-5 life and walk onto this exciting path.

Joined: 04 Jun, 2017

Country: Singapore

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Website: http://www.thebluepocket.com.sg

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