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Our business pitch deck can be found in the bottom right corner of Please spare your precious 10 minutes to go through the same and let us know if you have any queries. Thanks & Rgds, Sandipan Basu +918017506074 VEICULU EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Company: Veiculu Pvt. Ltd. Presenter: Sandipan Basu Address: 6th Floor, Tower 1, Godrej Waterside Building, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700091 Title: Co-founder Office Phone #: 033-6621-2222 Cell Phone #: +91-801-750-6074 Date Founded: January’2017 Email:; # of Full-Time: 5 Website: # of Part-Time: 2 Company Overview VEICULU app (“Your Car, Our Care”) which rules the roost by providing real-time info on parking lot availability is all set to eradicate the parking nightmares in metros & smart cities. Not only does VEICULU mobile app provide you with real-time parking information, it also takes care of an umbrella of automobile services and utilities like driver on demand, car insurance purchase, car wash and car repair services (including doorstep & emergency services) and a dedicated ecommerce platform for car accessories. Developed by Veiculu Pvt. Ltd., VEICULU mobile app is all set to float as an autonomous power for the automobile industry. Problem/Opportunity Metros are reeling under severe parking crisis. As a sigh of relief comes the launch of app VEICULU, which will change the dynamics of vehicle parking by giving first-hand information on the parking lots available throughout the city with a click of a button. This indeed is a watershed moment for drivers of private vehicles, who now need not wait and waste valuable time searching for their desired parking lots. Their road to freedom is nearer. Solution ‘Veiculu’ is a smart GPS enabled mobile application that aims to effectively manage urban parking woes by empowering vehicle owners search & find available parking lots, as well as help parking lot management assign & release parking slots in real-time. Veiculu also takes care of an umbrella of automobile services and utilities. Conceptualized & developed by Veiculu Pvt. Ltd., VEICULU mobile app is all set to float as an autonomous power for the automobile industry. The aim of Veiculu app is to: -Facilitate urban mobility -Effectively organize parking -Save time & money(fuel wastage) of drivers/car owners -Control pollution -Secure parking for all kinds of vehicles e.g., 2/3/4 wheelers -Provide smarter parking in smart cities -Control congestion by eliminating redundant traffic -Stimulate local economy and improve quality of life -Minimize Municipal Corporation's parking revenue leakages -Increase revenue of parking lot agencies -Increase transparency & minimize corruption thus keeping the government body's good reputation intact -Increase employment in underdeveloped & developing countries by engaging the parking lot operators -Numerous other services like car wash, car repair, Driver on Demand, car insurance etc. -VEICULU is simple, easy to use, replicable & scalable. “It takes a genius to make things simple.” – Albert Einstein Business Model To partner with Smart Cities for providing parking services on PPP model. We will make money from City Municipal Corporations (e.g. in Kolkata, we will charge them INR 1/hour/slot of each parking zone in the city every year) for organizing their disorganized parking sector. Profits are recurring and will continue every year. As this solution is easily replicable and scalable, we can target all local/global metros one by one. Our primary focus will be to get the Veiculu-Admin app adopted by all parking agencies by introducing an attractive incentive scheme which will continue for at least 6 months. We will get the potential Veiculu app users’ mobile & car number while booking a parking slot by the lot operator using the Veiculu-Admin app & we can use bulk-sms service to promote our Veiculu solution to drivers/car owners. Strategic tie-ups with vendors who provide other services like car wash/repair, driver on demand, car insurance, car accessories etc. and get commission from them on a per sale basis or per lead basis (for vehicle insurance) using the Veiculu channel. Revenue from advertisements. Continual growth through expansion. Since this solution is easily replicable and scalable, we can target all global metros (starting with India) one by one. Also, once our patent gets approved, that would help. Traction Patent, Trademark & Copyright Pending. We are in full product ready phase with successful pilots done in major locations of Kolkata and the last phase of getting a contract from Kolkata Municipal Corporation for launching the app in Kolkata. Execution Plan • Funding--->(January 31st’2017) • Approach other city Municipal Corporations & decision making authorities to deploy Veiculu-Admin usage by parking agencies & lot operators mandatory----> Delhi/Hyderabad(Februray’2017), Chennai (March’2017), Bengaluru/Mumbai (April’2017) • Kolkata Launch---> 15th March’2017 • To pitch to private & government parking lot owners/agencies to use Veiculu-Admin in their parking premises (by virtue of the attractive incentive scheme) & implement the same-->1st-15th March’2017 • Build a strong, large & robust database by using customer databases of local businesses who provide vehicular services/products--->24th January’2017 • Must use TV, Radio & Online/Social media for promotion--->14th February’2017 • Place hoardings outside crowded places like international airports, major railway/metro stations---> 14th February’2017 Target Market & Traction This does not matter as far as VEICULU deployment and adoption on a global scale is concerned. Target Market: The daily commuters and drivers in metros and bigger cities in developing & underdeveloped countries where parking lots are still managed by humans. Most people use smartphones all around the world as it is a basic necessity today after food, clothing and shelter. No. of mobile users is going to reach 6.1 Billion globally by 2020. Moreover, it is very unlikely that car owners won't have their own smartphones. Month-to-month Growth Rate: 100% As per the IBM Global Parking Survey, up to 50 per cent of traffic in congested areas is comprised of people looking for a parking space. In Delhi alone, 58 per cent of drivers fight over parking every day. The parking market in India is estimated to be worth over Rs 1800 crore, growing at an annual rate of 30 per cent. Customers •The daily commuters and drivers in metros and bigger cities in developing & underdeveloped countries where parking lots are still managed by humans. The objective of Veiculu Pvt. Ltd. Is to deploy this solution in all metro & bigger cities of India starting with Kolkata and later, to penetrate the global market. E.g., in Kolkata, there are 567 parking zones to be managed. •For developed nations, we have VEICULU-Outdoor solution. However, the cheaper & simple 2 app solution can also be deployed there with a slightly different mechanism. Competition & Barriers to Entry Competitors 1) There are some who tried to achieve a similar solution like Poochh-O, PParkE, Plong, but have not been commercially successful. 2) There are several mobile apps which show the parking locations in the map, but none of them show how many lots are available in those locations at that point of time. VEICULU provides the real-time parking availability info without the need for large scale investment in hardware infrastructure. 3) This 2 app duo solution is bound to increase the revenue of parking lot agencies and make it much more transparent. 4) Besides, Veiculu is providing so many services under one roof & backed by Municipal Corporations & Traffic Police Competitive advantage • Patent-pending • Adoption from both ends of the ecosystem (lot owners & commuters) • Holistic; first mover advantage • Unique 2 app solution (Veiculu used by the commuters/drivers/car owners & Veiculu-Admin used by parking lot operators) • Unique selling point (real-time parking availability information) without large-scale investment on hardware infrastructure • A gamut of other services like car wash/repair, driver on demand, car insurance etc. • Backed by City Municipal Corporations & Traffic Police in India • Increase revenue of parking lot agencies & minimize revenue leakages • Increase employment by engaging parking lot operators • Increase transparency & minimize corruption thus keeping the government body's good reputation intact • Minimal & Unbeatable pricing; online/electronic payment of parking fees Management Team Kumar P. Saha is a successful first generation entrepreneur. He is a BFSI guru & doyen of rural banking & financial inclusion. Currently, he is the MD & CEO of startup called Senrysa Technologies. Sandipan Basu is responsible for the technological future with the aim of finding future growth engines. He also holds BTech in Computer Sc & Engg from IIT, MBA from Babson College & couple of patents in telecommunication. Ownership Not yet finalized/distributed. Asking Investment Range $500000-$1500000 Proposed terms 10% equity for $150000 Pre-Money Valuation 1500000 Use of Investment Marketing, Promotion & Branding 100000 Employee Salaries Employee Salaries 150000 IT Infrastructure Management/Support 100000 Incentives to Parking Lot Agencies 150000 TOTAL $500000 Financials (USD) Year 1 2 3 Revenue 1 126 683 2 074 521 3 259 962 Expenses 481 801 1 037 261 1 037 261 Net 644 882 1 037 260 2 222 701 Exit Strategy IPO Resources needed beyond capital Not at this moment Additional Upcoming Features: •Providing Random Audit services to parking agencies to detect whether their employees are properly booking & releasing and not violating any rules (e.g. allowing a car to park without recording it in Veiculu-Admin app). •Immediate/Advanced booking: When an user finds an available slot near his destination remotely and opts for this option, then his booking time will start instantaneously after making payment for a specific time period entered by him. However, if the car does not show up within an hour, then the slot will be released for further booking by other users and the original user/car owner/driver won’t be able to do any more advanced booking for that day. If the car does show up before an hour, the slot will be released only when the car physically leaves the designated slot and the amount charged will be from the time of booking till the car physically leaves its parking slot. This will increase revenues for Municipal Corporations as well as for the parking agencies. •Integrating the payment gateway such that all the revenues from the parking zones come directly to Veiculu who would then disburse the same to the Municipal Corporation & parking agencies with due diligence after deducting its own share. •Tracking whether lot operator’s Veiculu-Admin app is on by sending a message to the server every 3-5 minutes. If off, send an alert to the parking agency.

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