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About is a startup company that providing an end2end system and application for garbage and waste management. combining the Corporate social responsibility (CSR), extended producer responsibility(EPR), garbage's Bank and their customer, FMCG Merketing Program, big data analyze, and financing fund for the recyvling business owner.

we provide an application and reporting for all this program in 4 business model:
1. partnering with the building owner or management, like mall, apartment, hotel, office, school ect, to support program. they don't have to give us some money but they will participating in this program by give us their an-organic garbage, and will publish their company as supporting partner, beside that they also can publish all the program as their CSR Program, and can inviting as their CSR event partner vise versa.

2. partnering with the FMCG company to participating in "buy back" program. this program also can be their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program which is could be combine with their marketing program. some of FMCG marketing program was doing by sending the former packaging. this program can be execute in all the garbage bank of partner, so it will bring 3 impacts, increasing the garbage bank customer saving (money), the FMCG implementing their marketing which is can be shown as their EPR program, and can deliver the FMCG corporate partner big data analyze.

3. partnering with the garbage's bank and their customers. there are a lot of garbage's bank i Indonesia, but they are not running well to deliver more impact, it because the compensation for their customer for bring the an-organic garbage to the garbage's bank was very low, so some of people didn't have any passion to support this program. but with, we will help them to deliver higher compensation for their customer, because we have the business model a and b above.

4. help the recycling business owner to have financial fund from and give them access to sell their product in website.

we are inviting business owner that want to support this social program, seeking for FMCG Corporate partner, garbage's bank, and also we are in the early stage rising fund.

please contact us:

People & Team

christian Linting

Founder and CEO Wallezz

Telco, IT, Fintech, Digital tech & Biz enthusiast. Entering the market with a big dream with wallezz, and after completed the registration on Central Bank Of Indonesia, now we are focusing to finalize

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