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Founding Developer Experience Engineer

Date Posted

14 Jun, 2024

Salary Offered

$150000 — $180000 yearly

Job Type

Full Time

Experience Required

3+ years

Remote Work


Stock Options



1 available

This is a generalist role that is both technical and customer facing.

What You'll Do

You'll own the entire developer experience function. This means doing absolutely everything to do with developer experience, including:

  • Developer Success: You'll be in all 200+ customer Slack channels as the frontline to help answer their questions and solve their problems. You'll give them advice on best practices for integrating with our API.
  • Technical Writing: You'll develop high-quality sample code, documentation, and technical demos to improve the developer experience.
  • Product: You'll chat with our customers to deeply understand what they need. You'll advocate for them by communicating their feedback to the rest of the team. You'll be the person we lean on when we build out self-serve developer flows.
  • Coding: You'll ship improvements to our API and be hands-on in improving the developer-facing parts of our product.
  • And Other Things: Rarely, you may need to join sales calls as a technical resource, contribute to a technical marketing blog post, etc. You'll have full agency to add new tools and processes as needed to improve all aspects of developer experience.

Most of the developer experience work will be post-sales. This means that at the moment, this role doesn't involve speaking at tech conferences or writing a ton of marketing content.

What It Will Be Like

  • Huge impact. You'll have a major role in building a culture centered around customer empathy. You get to build the foundations of the company and developer experience.
  • No bureaucracy. You’ll own and drive every initiative you work on from start to finish. We fully trust you.
  • Massive growth opportunities. And not just on the technical side. Anything you want to learn about the business we’ll teach you.

Your Qualifications

  • Deep customer empathy, including the desire to help people and solve their problems
  • Strong ability to communicate complex technical topics in a simple and understandable way
  • 2-3 years of software development experience

Who You Are

  • You want to work hard. As the 10th founding member of the team, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.
  • Self-starter who finds excitement in building a function from scratch
  • Passionate about being a founding startup member
  • Feels fulfillment in helping others
  • Not afraid to do things that have never been done before
  • Enjoys speaking with customers

Who is this not a fit for?

  • You can’t work hard right now. Being the 2nd developer experience engineer hire at a startup is going to be a lot of work. The entire company is less than 10 people, and this will likely the hardest job you've ever had.
  • You need a stability. As a fast growing startup with 400+ customers and 10+ years of runway, we're in a pretty good spot. However, startups are inherently risky. If stability is important to you, this founding role may not be the right fit.
  • You’re not excited about helping developers. You won’t be able to succeed at this role unless you love our customers and want to truly help them in whatever way possible.

Our Company Culture

(Why you may or may not be excited about joining us)

Raw hours make a difference

  • Working too many hours doesn't guarantee success, but working too few leads to failure. We expect everyone to put in their best effort every day, but we generally don't expect you to work late evenings or on weekends. We are careful to avoid burnout, but we also don't want to sugarcoat the fact that raw hours can make a huge difference in a startup.

Customer obsession

  • We would be nothing without our customers, and we believe being obsessed about our customers is a competitive advantage. Every single member of the team at Recall responds to customers, helps them debug issues, and deeply understands our customer's goals, even outside of Recall. The easiest way to obsess over our customers is to genuinely care about as humans, which naturally turns into the desire to want to help them.

What We Offer

  • Competitive equity: 0.25% - 0.75%
  • Computer and workspace enhancements
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Quarterly company off-sites with the team and explore exciting destinations around the world
  • Opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ownership in building out Recall

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Company Size: 6 - 10 People
Year Founded: 2020
Country: United States


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