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Experienced Product Engineer

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Date Posted

25 Jan, 2023

Work Location

United States

Salary Offered

$120 — $170 yearly

Job Type

Full Time

Experience Required

3+ years

Remote Work


Stock Options



1 available

We're making it orders of magnitude faster and easier for digital healthcare providers to integrate medical data across the disparate third-party applications they use to deliver care. In this role, you would be responsible for building a delightful, intuitive admin dashboard that enables our customers to manage their data and configure their integrations (think Stripe style dashboard and Zapier style configuration features).


We're looking for someone who’s built early-stage startup products with modern (java/type)script frameworks; and even better - supported the transition to Series-A+ company. Our ideal candidate gets their kicks delivering the highest possible quality software in production to serve customers and enjoys collaborating with product and backend engineers to deliver on roadmap objectives. The ability to understand and empathize with cross engineering-domain (backend-frontend) requirements is critical for us as a team as we serve our customers’ needs.

Team Pre-requisites:

  • Demonstrable and/or referenced experience building modern web applications at a senior level, 4+ years experience
  • A love of good design and an eye for detail
  • Deep empathy for the end-user
  • Work well cross-functionally and earn trust from co-workers at all levels
  • Measure success in terms of business impact, not lines of code
  • Prefer simple composable solutions and designs over complex ones
  • A good intuition for what will last and scale
  • Fluent in English

Technical Pre-requisites:

  • Web application architectural experience
  • Understand modern best practices in software engineering, in particular testing
  • Experience developing with authentication software like Firebase, Stytch or Okta
  • Deep knowledge of the state of the javascript / browser ecosystem
  • Strong understanding of Typescript and the benefits of type-driven design
  • React, Angular, Vue or Svelte(Kit) experience using Typescript.
  • Experienced with Node backends and containerization


  • Having set up automated browser testing and CI/CD workflows for frontend code
  • API and client SDK development experience
  • Product design experience
  • Bazel experience
  • Healthcare engineering experience
  • Golang experience - our backend code is written in Golang

💡 We welcome applications from any qualified people based in either the Bay-Area or NYC area preferentially, but we’d like to talk to you nevertheless if you’re in any US-timezone and think you’d be able to dive into our tech stack and help us with our immediate objectives.

Our current tech stack consists of the following components:

  • SvelteKit, Typescript, Vite, React, Next.js
  • Stytch
  • Bazel (rules_go, rules_docker, rules_nodejs, rules_k8s) for our monorepo
  • Golang (1.19+ principal language for backend APIs and services)
  • gRPC and protobuf v3 (for interservice communication)
  • entgo (for core object database modeling)
  • BuildBuddy (for CI and build caching)
  • Github (Actions for CI/CD)
  • Envoy for internal load balancing
  • Google Cloud
    • GKE
    • Pub/Sub
    • Spanner
    • Cloud SQL (Postgres)
    • Stackdriver (for logging) and managed prometheus for metrics
    • Secret Manager
    • Key Management Service
    • GLB

About Morf Health

Morf Health Logo

Workflow automation for healthcare providers

Company Size: 6 - 10 People
Year Founded: 2022
Country: United States


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