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Date Posted

22 Feb, 2024

Salary Offered

$150000 — $200000 yearly

Job Type

Full Time

Experience Required

3+ years

Remote Work

Not Allowed

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1 available

The Role:

We're looking for a pixel-perfectionist frontend engineer. Ideally, we want someone with both programming and design chops who can own the frontend and take our product to the next level as we scale.

We're building a PaaS that runs in a user's own cloud (basically Heroku on k8s) and we've converted some of Heroku's largest enterprise users as well as a large base of high-growth startups despite starting just a little over a year ago.

Now that we're hitting our stride, we're focused on capturing as much mindshare as possible, so we need someone who can take the polish and devX of our PaaS to the next level.

This role would involve maximum ownership. Our entire engineering team is currently full-stack (leaning backend) or on infra side. I (Justin) do most of the day-to-day FE/UX work as a founder, so we want someone with more experience who can do it worlds better.

You will:

  • Obsess over delivering the best possible user flow for teams on Porter
  • Elevate the design language of our platform
  • Incrementally refactor the frontend without hampering the team's velocity
  • Raise the standard for code quality and our engineering culture

Some of the technical challenges we face:

  • Rock solid UI/UX for onboarding - our platform automatically provisions resources to the user's cloud account and needs to robustly handle a variety of permissions and infra-related errors.
  • Abstracting CI and Kubernetes - any PaaS spans a variety of use cases, so building a consistent and useful layer of abstraction requires constant awareness of the needs of many user profiles.
  • Auto-Generated Frontend - each of our app/add-on templates uses a form.yaml file that programmatically generates a settings UI on the dashboard using a library of our own input primitives. Expanding and testing the functionality of these templates is non-trivial.

Tech stack:

  • Web: React (styled-components), TypeScript
  • Backend: Go, Kubernetes + Helm APIs, Postgres, Redis
  • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP

Porter is open source. You can view our entire codebase here:

This role is strictly in-person in NYC.

Interested? Email your resume to jobs at and let us know why you would be a great fit for this role.

About Porter

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Easiest way to deploy on AWS/GCP/Azure

Company Size: 6 - 10 People
Year Founded: 2020
Country: United States


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