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Free 1st month subscription for lead generation + telemarketing services

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Comshare Engines turns the oldest telemarketing services into modern business models by using the latest technologies. We help SMEs, startups, and corporations to do telemarketing and email marketing to build their market brand and expand their business.

Our holistic approach combines industry expertise with innovative digital techniques, delivering tailor-made solutions that align with each client's brand identity and business objectives.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every client receives exceptional service and results, setting us apart in the industry.

About This Deal

This deal entitles you to receive 100% No Advance Subscription Fee for the 1st month

The following rates apply during the subscription:

  • First month (trial): 20% success fee + 15% retainer fee of total sales per lead recruited.
  • Second month onwards: MYR 3k Monthly Advance Subscription Fee + 20% success fee + 15% retainer fee of total sales per lead recruited.
  • If revenue of $50,000 after 3 months is achieved: Monthly advance subscription fee of RM 5k/month + 20% success fee + 15% retainer fee of total sales per lead recruited.

As your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reach different tiers, the Monthly Advance Subscription Fee will vary. However, the commission for the success fee + retainer fee is negotiable based on different industries. Terms and conditions apply.

Deal Availability

  • Malaysia

More About Comshare Engines

Comshare Engines Logo

Elevate Your Brand: Unleash Market Potential

Company Size: 1 - 5 People
Year Founded: 2023
Country: Malaysia


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