Jose He provides the generation a new platform to make money at Bountie Technologies

Gamers can now play and earn as they like

Kimberly Chiew

31 Oct, 2018

Jose He provides the generation a new platform to make money at Bountie Technologies | BEAMSTART News

In the world today, most of us are always on our mobile phones when we have our "free time". All we do is scroll the social media, or play online games on our phone! Are they really productive activities?

What if I tell you that we can earn money while playing games? Would it be interesting? Earning money during your leisure time.

Today here we have with us Jose He from Bountie Technologies, where they provide us a platform to play and earn. Now, your hobby can be your job!

Below is the interview:

1. Can you share with us more about Bountie Technologies?

Bountie is an upcoming tournament platform that combines Esports, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, with an iconic tagline of "Get Paid to Play". Bountie wants to empower day to day gamers to get paid by winning at their favorite games. Our online tournament platform ~ When gamers win in matches or tournaments, they get paid in Bountie (BNTE) Tokens, which can be cash out into fiat money, exchange into any other major cryptocurrency or spent on our e-commerce platform. Our platform features include: instant prize winning transfers, little to no transaction fees, continuous weekly and monthly tournaments for games (always-on tournaments), safely-protected accounts via blockchain technology. We vision is to empower everyday gamers to follow their heart doing what they love. We believe in this saying, “If you love what you do, you don’t have to work another day in your life.”

2. What was the primary driver of your business?

Our core product is the tournament platform - Bountie - where casual and professional gamers get paid when they win their favorite games. However, Bountie stands for a lot more than a tournament platform. We want to empower day-to-day gamers to Get Paid To Play and inspire them to take charge of their esports dreams.

3. How did you expand your business into what it is today?

To be honest, it is a collective effort from everyone in the company. Bountie got to where we are today because we have a very talented, committed and passionate group of individuals who believe in the vision as much as the co-founders do. Hard work and persistence also plays a huge part. If we gave up when the days got unbearably difficult, we would not be here today. Lastly, we are fortunate to have the support of Enterprise Singapore and DEPA (Thailand) for inviting Bountie to multiple big events in both Singapore and Thailand. That really helped us to build connections with the industry experts.

4. How do you attract people to your business?

We are always adamant on finding out who is our targeted customers and what specific pain points are we actually solving for them. What values are we offering to them? We want to empower everyday gamers to make a living. To pursue a gaming related career in the growing gaming esports world. There are 2.2 billion gamers in the world, of which 53% of them are based in Asia. 97% of these are day to day gamers not monetizing from their skills or passion in gaming, which is exactly the group that Bountie wants to empower. Different people get attracted to various parts of Bountie. Some are intrigued by our Get Paid To Play tagline and want to learn more. Some are solely interested in our platform. So, our marketing team has a number of strategies to tackle the different needs of businesses and potential users. From our marketing research, we realized that gamers mostly come in groups, often influencing each other. That helps in driving users to signup with Bountie. We also collaborate with other businesses to host talks/events and share our gaming, esports and cryptocurrency knowledge. Through those talks, we manage to make friends and acquire new users.

5. What is your outlook for the year 2019?

For 2019, we will be focusing massively onto 2 things. First, product development. Our Beta launch is stipulated to be in the 1st quarter of 2019. More features will be added towards Q3. The second will be Bountie esports arena. To complement the gaming platform, Bountie is also looking to build up an esports arena in Singapore. A world-class arena with an approximately 7,000 square feet location, with more than 120 avant-garde award-winning Nvidia platinum chip in every computer. We envision this arena to hold mid-size esports competition and sponsored tournaments. The bigger idea of the arena is to build it into a successful franchise brand. We believe that this is a significant addition, which will drive up user acquisition, brand awareness and Bountie Tokens(BNTE) adoption.

6. Share with us a piece of advice that you can give to young entrepreneur?

You gonna face a lot of hardships, uncertainties, emotional instability, heartaches but all these are not good enough reasons for you to quit. You can always pivot wisely from time to time, but if you quit, that will be the end of your story. We don’t know what we don’t know. So keep searching, never settle. Live every day to the fullest. Be the absolute best that you can be, never compromised. Stay laser focus always.

7. What is your motto?

Our mission statement is empowering everyday gamers to make a living. Our tagline, Get Paid To Play. 

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