A new phone releases, and yours slows down. Coincidence?

A recent report reveals that in between September and early November-- after Apple started selling the iPhone 8 , followed by the iPhone X-- Google search traffic for the keyword "iPhone slow" surged about 50%.

A new phone releases, and yours slows down.  Coincidence? | BEAMSTART News

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This phenomenon occurs every single year: When Apple launches new iPhones, mobs of people would then moan about their older iPhones lagging to a crawl.

A recent report reveals that in between September and early November-- after Apple started selling the iPhone 8 , followed by the iPhone X-- Google search traffic for the keyword "iPhone slow" surged about 50%.

This phenomenon is so extensive that many believe technology providers deliberately weaken smartphones to make sure consumers buy new devices every few years. Conspiracy theorists refer to it as planned extinction.

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However, that's a myth. While slowdowns do occur, they occur for a far less dubious reason. That reason is simply; software update.

When technology titans like Apple, Microsoft and Google present new devices, they typically release updates for their software or operating system. For instance, several days just before the iPhone 8 shipped in September, Apple introduced iOS 11 as a complimentary software update for iPhones, which includes the 4 year old iPhone 5S.

Therefore when one installs a brand-new OS on an aging device, complications may arise that make everything from launching the camera to surfing the net feel sluggish.

On the bright side, technology companies are not deliberately slowing-down your phones, there are certainly solutions for devices you assume has gotten sluggish or short-lived. Below is a quick fix guide to accelerating your troubled devices.

1. Start Fresh

Technology companies kept it very straightforward to update to a new OS simply by clicking an "update" button, which would then seamlessly shifts all your applications and data over. Although that's hassle-free, it isn't really the most effective method to guarantee that things will proceed to run smoothly.

A more effective method is to backup all your data and clearing everything from the phone prior to deploying the new OS. This "clean install" performs more efficiently because the engineers designing the OS were able to assess this environment more easily.

2. Clear the 'Cruft'.

In some cases, you need to do some slight upkeep to speed up your phone. Over the long run, an OS builds up system data, configurations, logs and other data; I.T. specialists dub this "cruft." This can slow down your phone.

For Android and iPhones, you can launch Settings and select Reset Settings. (Absolutely be sure to make a backup first should there be important settings you may need.).

3. Be Conscious of Your Storage space.

Here's one thing many phone users fail to understand: Even if your iPhone or Android phone has a good 64GB of storage space, it doesn't imply that you must occupy all of it . The phone will typically perform faster if more free space is available.

That's partially because your phone requires space to shift data around and install software updates. However, it's also connected to how the storage space technology operates inside smartphones .

It is also highly recommended to free-up large amount of space by uploading your photo library to the cloud. You can easily upload entire albums to a service like Google Photos and occasionally clear all the images from the phone itself.

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4. Upgrade Your Infrastructure.

Your phone may seem sluggish for factors unassociated to the hardware or software. Many applications depends on good internet connection, so a substandard Wi-Fi modem could be the real cause of the problem. To obtain a nice speed boost boost, consider an upgrade to a modern Wi-Fi hardware.

5. Consider Upgrading.

At the end of the day, there are numerous factors your gadget may feel sluggish. New OS bring more impressive functions that were created to operate better on new phones. Furthermore, developers of 3rd party applications generally focus on creating software for newer phones, and in some cases they even stop supporting old devices. If there are essential features that your aging device can't perform effectively, consider upgrading to a new phone.

There's only so much one can possibly do if the phone is multiple generation behind.

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