Elon Musk: Real skills are more valuable than degrees

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is not consumed about degrees. Neither should you.

Elon Musk:  Real skills are more valuable than degrees | BEAMSTART News

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If you were brought up from a particular high-achieving background, getting the best qualification from the best school can appear to be one of the most vital feat in your life. Every little thing from kindergarten onwards is focused at acquiring the all important certificate from the educational institution of your dreams.

However, iconic entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has a message for degree-obsessed youths and organizations determined to employ them: loosen up already.

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When asked in an interview about which university degrees he identifies on a resume, Musk revealed that although accreditation could be a nice signal of a person's capabilities, they are never a requirement for attaining incredible things (or getting employed by Musk).

Even more proof that we're too consumed with degrees and certifications.

Many of the best iconic figures in tech, from Bill Gates to Larry Ellison to Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, failed to graduate because accreditation and gold-plated degrees do not constantly go hand in hand to .

The latest research of job postings identified that, to save recruiters the trouble of sifting through resumes, organizations are requesting degrees for positions that can be performed completely well without them. This rise of degree inflation suggests organizations wind up paying 30% more for talents that is not required.

The takeaway for recruiters are quite straightforward: Yes, needing to hire people with certifications as shorthand for ability is a time saver, however it's expensive. You'll find yourself shelling out more for your individuals than need as well as lose out on some outstanding talent.

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Ways to flourish without a degree.

Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, provided 3 pieces of guidance to those beginning :

  • Exactly what to study and the best ways to study it are more crucial than where to study and for how long.
  • The most effective instructors are on the web. The most effective books are on the web. The very best peers are on the web.
  • The tools for learning are plentiful. It's the desire to learn, understand and master that's limited.

Degrees are pretty cool to have, however, that costly piece of paper isn't really the be-all and end-all. The genuine reward in life isn't really the letters after your name, it's the capability to achieve incredible things. School just isn't needed for that. Passion is.

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