Announcing BEAM Dealflow to bridge Investors and Entrepreneurs better.

Simplifying the fundraising process and to allow investors to gain access to great investment deals.


2 Jun, 2017

Announcing BEAM Dealflow to bridge Investors and Entrepreneurs better. | BEAMSTART News

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Today we're introducing BEAM Dealflow with the focus of simplifying the fundraising and deal-flow processes for both entrepreneurs and investors.

There are 2 key focuses in making this addition:

  1. To simplify the process of fundraising by making the investor discovery and fundraising processes a lot simpler for entrepreneurs.
  2. To enable more people (independent investors) to gain access to startups & early stage investment deals taking place on BEAM.

For Entrepreneurs

Starting from today, anyone can easily tap/click a button discover a list of investment firms (and angel investors) that are actively investing on both the latest version of the BEAM App and website.

Searching for investment firms and submitting investment proposals directly to them.

Submitting an investment proposal is a fairly simple and straightforward process - Simply provide more information on your business, a link to your deck/demo, and the amount you're fundraising to get started. 

Simple Application Form

For Investors

If you're an investor or an individual seeking to get started with investing in some of these startups/early stage companies, you can easily create an investor profile directly on the website.

Creating an investor profile OR viewing a list of proposals.

Tapping on the 'Add Investor Profile' button will bring up a simple form that allows you to specify your investment range and focuses.

Should an investment proposal be submitted, investors will receive an email (and push notification) to notify them of this new proposal submission.

Looking ahead

Due to regulatory factors and a lower amount of institutional investors available within Malaysia (and many parts of the region),  we hope enable more private investors to play an active role in backing and funding early stage companies via this new addition.

“We believe there are many people building incredibly innovative products and services in Southeast Asia and we want to accelerate the process of allowing them to connect directly with smart capital to push their ventures further. For every second of time saved, the closer we move to real progress, especially in this part of the world.”, mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM

For more information on getting started with BEAM Dealflow, you can download a simple manual here.

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