RoundUp by OpenMinds Resources Aims To Help Startups Understand Their Customers Better

By consolidating data across multiple platforms into one single, simplified dashboard.

RoundUp by OpenMinds Resources Aims To Help Startups Understand Their Customers Better | BEAMSTART News

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OpenMinds™ Resources today announced the release of a brand new cloud based data analytics and reporting tool - RoundUp, that allows startups to integrate and consolidate analytics from multiple social channels.

A new venture under OpenMinds™ Resources, RoundUp aims to play a facilitating role in gathering fragmented data from both digital and offline spaces into a centralized dashboard.

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The team learnt through past experiences that startup founders and their marketing team(s) could accelerate their product market fit by understanding their audience's behavior through simplified, actionable data.

Being a startup ourselves, we know the difficulties in trying to penetrate target markets with short funding runways. Truth be told, effective analytics tools are essential but not prioritised.We are here to fill that gap and emp ower startup founders with intelligent, data-driven analytics that make sense, but without the steep price tags that similar tools in the market carry.” said RoundUp’s co-founder, Tay Zhi Xiang.

“RoundUp’s main goal is to create an innovative and user-friendly platform that is up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends, allowing startup founders to track the ROI from their overall marketing efforts without breaking the bank,” mentioned RoundUp founder, Jan Wong - also founder of OpenMinds™ Resources.

RoundUp works is by pulling data across multiple online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, and eCommerce platforms.

The data is then cleaned up and merged into a single report displayed via a comprehensive and uncluttered dashboard.

RoundUp Helps Startups make sense of how their business is performing.

The best part about RoundUp's platform is the ability to help make prediction of future trends to provide better teams with clarity for better business decisions.

With RoundUp Analytics, startup founders are free to focus on validating and scaling their business with confidence by virtue of being backed by proven, relevant data. RoundUp Analytics could potentially grow to become a game-changer in this competitive startup landscape,” said Zhi Xiang.

RoundUp has unveiled a ‘Startup-Tier Plan’ specifically catered to startups and young businesses.

Plans to include data sources like POS platforms, facial recognition software and sentiments analysis APIs are also in the product pipeline for the future.

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  • You can easily reach out to the RoundUp team via their profile here or visit their official website at
  • RoundUp has a special offer/perk for the BEAM community as well. Visit the perks page for more information.

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