Collaboration Between Altium and AWS Pushes for More Collaboration in Electronic Design

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Altium's Collaborative PCB Design Tool

Collaboration Between Altium and AWS Pushes for More Collaboration in Electronic Design | BEAMSTART News

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The age of remote work is here. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, more than 20% of the workforce could work remotely for three to five days a week, and be just as effective as when they worked in the office. However, more than 50% could not stick to remote work arrangements, given that their jobs required specialized machinery, making deliveries, or relied heavily on collaboration.

Collaboration is, without a doubt, a tricky thing to manoeuvre among remote teams. And it doesn't help that it spans across almost all industries. Luckily, technological innovations are making it so that collaboration among remote colleagues becomes much more streamlined. One such innovation stems from the collaboration between Altium and Amazon Web Services (AWS) — and it's a boon for the electronics industry.

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Altium's Collaborative PCB Design Tool

AWS is a widely-known cloud platform service offered by e-commerce giant, Amazon. It offers a wide array of cloud computing products for different kinds of industries. Just a few of its offerings include storage, security, and remote computing services. And outside of these software solutions, AWS also plays an active role in bringing like minds together through their AWStartup Festival, an event that promises networking opportunities and plenty of food and drinks.

Free food aside, AWS recently partnered with Altium LLC, a global software company that's dedicated to pushing for innovation through electronics. They're most known for their printed circuit board (PCB) design tools. But with their partnership with AWS, they're upping the utility of their software.

The fruit of this collaboration is the release of Altium 365. This electronics platform combines PCB design tools with mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), data management, and teamwork. Its centralized data storage allows for seamless collaboration among remote teams. Whenever someone leaves a comment or a design update, all relevant parties are notified through the system or their work email. Plus, with configurable access rights and roles, team leaders can control who sees what. This software is currently available through AWS, whose platform plays an integral role in keeping Altium 365 user data secure. Moreover, it further cements AWS as an all-rounder service crucial for all types of businesses.

Paving the Way for Remote Teamwork in Electronics

There's no doubt that Altium 365 is changing the way the electronics industry views collaboration. With it, businesses with employees based all around the world can work together in building the perfect PCB.

For instance, Kinetic Vision, a company focused on the integration of advanced technologies in a variety of industries, makes use of Altium's products to execute its business processes. Through Altium 365, the company was able to design PCBs, which they then used in crafting complex products, including smart products and medical devices. And this continued even during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to Altium 365's collaborative features.

This is only the beginning of the digital shift in the electronics industry. With innovators like Altium and AWS leading the charge, it's only a matter of time before more disruptors crop up.

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