Meet these 8 next-gen high-net-worth entrepreneurs participating in the Innovatif+ Summit this October.

A phenomenal opportunity for new business deals and investment opportunities.

Syamil Faisal10 Oct, 2019

Meet these 8 next-gen high-net-worth entrepreneurs participating in the Innovatif+ Summit this October.

Next-Gen (second generation) entrepreneurs and Family Offices have been playing a major role in partnering and investing in a large number of businesses across Asia today.

In fact, it is estimated that over 50% of new ventures across Asia today have either received capital from Next-Gen-related businesses, or have them as clients.

Here are 8 individuals who will be participating in in the Innovatif+ Summit this 26th and 27th October in Penang:

1. Theodore Ma, Managing Director at Mabelle

Theodore brought his family’s jewelry retail and wholesale business into the online world — reaching customers over 76 countries, with 6000 styles to choose online, available to pick up within 2 days.

In 2012, he founded Born to Fly with his family, tunning CoCoon, a Hong Kong-based startup incubator that has amassed 21,000 entrepreneurial connections, and a collective fundraised over $120 million.

With the success of CoCoon, Theodore and his partners founded CoCoon Ignite Ventures to invest in early-stage new-economy-focused entrepreneurs.

2. Richie Eu, Managing Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at Eu Yan Sang International Limited, Malaysia

Since September 2019, Richie Eu is acting as the Managing Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at Eu Yan Sang International Limited, focuses on making profitable deals for the Group.

Prior to this, in 2017, he was the Managing Director of Eu Yan Sang Trading (Hong Kong) where he grew businesses by overseeing all operation aspects:

  • strategic planning
  • talent acquisition
  • people development
  • implementation of customer-centric initiatives
  • expansion of retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels.

Back in 2013, he was a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Associate at Cognita Asia, a UK-based private equity firm for three years.

3. Mr. Kwan Chi Man, Founder & CEO at Raffles Family Office

He founded Raffles Family Offices, a multi-family office based in Hong Kong with a presence in Singapore and Zurich — providing asset protection and wealth management to High Net Worth Individuals and families.

Kwan believes in empowerment and autonomy in the corporate management — control of work and time, and a friendly work environment.

He had 15 years of experience in banking and management with numerous financial institutions, including his stint as a private banker at BNP Paribas.

4. Dr Bejit Ideas, Chairman at NINAPHARM, Japan

Grew up in a family with a generational business of fruits and fragrance since 1672 in France, Bejit strives to bring heritage to high-tech, while maintaining sustainability and empathy.

His big idea for the world is to evolve the traditional values of agriculture into a high tech solution through the development of:

  • anti-aging solutions
  • Studies on centenarians microbiota and it’s impact on aging.

Bejit has 20 years of experience in the Research and development of fermentation technology, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry.

5. Dato’ Chevy Beh, FOUNDER & CEO at BookDoc

With BookDoc, Beh connected patients with healthcare professionals with its online healthcare platform — big presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong kong.

He has been featured in the following awards:

  • “Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award” at the 2012 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA),
  • Top Nominee for the “Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year” for two consecutive years 2013 & 2014
  • “Great Entrepreneur” Brand Icon Leadership Award 2015 by Brand Laureate.
  • MIT Technology Review nominee in 2016, Innovators Under 35 Asia.

Fun fact: As a Polo enthusiast, he was the first Asian to win. the National Inter-Collegiate American All Star in 2007.

6. Fitria Yusuf, CEO at Pt Citra Marga Nusaphala Persadasince Tbk

Fitria has been the CEO at Pt Citra since October 2016, in which she was the Independent Commissioner in 2012-2014.

At the same time, she is also the CEO of these companies:

  • Ozone Mall and Hotel
  • Podjok Halal
  • PT Fifefa International Jakarta

She co-founded Twinkle Twinkle and was the Executive Director of Ivy Boutique in 2006-2011.

7. Raja Hamzah, Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner at RHL Ventures

Raja Hamzah focuses on growth capital investments in South East Asia and the US region with RHL ventures.

Previously, he was the director of Rasma Corporation, a Malaysian-based engineering firm, where he was always building partnership with government-linked companies, private and listed corporate, and local authorities.

Hamzah was the Principal Investment Analyst with Guoco Management Company, a multi-billion US-dollar fund based out of Hong Kong.

In addition to that, he served Goldman Sachs Asset Management in Singapore as a Senior Analyst — recommended investments to big clients like:

  • Temasek
  • Bank Indonesia
  • Khazanah Nasional

8. Apisit Bhanuprabha, Co-Founder at Isuzu Metro 3rd Generation

Apisit brings car services both in import and export with Isuzu Metro, which has seen a $ 2000 million in overall revenue over its 29 years of generational operation.

Among its notable clients are:

  • Thailand MortorExpo
  • Impact arena Thailand
  • Bitec arena Thailand
  • Masterchef Thailand

The company has bagged a number of awards:

  • Thailand Top Company Award 2018 segmented Best Customer Focus
  • Thailand’s Most Admired Brand 2018
  • Innovation Brand 2018 (Brand Age Magazine)

Be part of the summit by getting your ticket here.

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