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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is the BEAMSTART Companies list about?

The BEAMSTART Companies list is a directory of startup companies, investment firms, SMEs, and corporations from all over the world. It is a tool created to make it easy for people to share more information about their companies/organizations, as well as access useful tools for hiring, fundraising, and finding clients.

Can anyone add their company/organization to the list? How do I do so?

Yes, anyone can add their company/organization to the list.

Simply visit this link to add your company to the directory.

How much does it cost to add my company to the list?

Adding a company to the list will consume 10 credits from your profile. Members who add their company for the first-time will be able to publish the first company for free.

I would like to feature my company to the top of the list. Is that possible?

Yes it is possible, and we call them 'Premium Company Listings'. To find out more about how you can feature your company/organization at the top of the list, visit the business promotion page.

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