Google Oct 2022 Spam Update Recovery help?

I have a fairly high traffic site that got most of its visitors from Google (organic). But ever since October 2022's "Google Spam Update", my site traffic has taken a nose-dive, falling nearly 95%.

Any ideas on how I can recover from this quickly? Appreciate any advice. Not sure if I'm affected from the general Google Algorithm Update or spam update.

Jones Hilton

United States

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Shaun Ling


From what I know, many people have been affected by Google's Oct 2022 Spam Update, even those who produce lots of high quality content.

Some of the more common issues site owners mentioned:

  • Traffic falling significantly (over 90%), especially after the previous Core Update and Product Reviews Update.
  • Featured snippets missing.
  • Many keywords lost.
  • Google de-indexing their pages.
  • Large fluctuations.

As of today (24th October), I believe it is still too early to tell if your site has been permanently affected, since Google tends to update their algorithms regularly.

My suggestion would be to wait it out for now, and see what happens in 1 - 2 weeks. I believe Google should re-index lost keywords and rankings should stabilize more then.

However, if your site fails to recover, perhaps you could look into the following:

  • Ensure you're adhering to all of Google's guidelines and not breaking any of the spam policies.
  • Do a backlink check using SEMRush (awesome tool!), and disavow any of the spammy/bad links to your site(s).
  • Build more proper backlinks for your site. My suggestion is to write great articles and contribute them on other sites. Avoid buying links!
  • Create more great content. Ramp up your content-game and create more long-form, visually-rich content.

Have a question? Feel free to reach out to me and my digital agency would be happy to support you in any way (we've helped many clients rank well on SEO, as well as assist them with traffic recovery).

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From what I know, the spam update hits sites that mainly have:

  1. Lots of spammy backlinks
  2. Automatically generated content using AI or scraping

If your site falls into point no. 1), you may want to find and disavow those bad links using tools like SEMRush.

If your site falls into point no. 2), you may want to start creating more original content that is unique.

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