Should we start entrepreneurship young?

Should we start running business young? If yes, and why?

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Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

Yes, I do agree that if given the opportunity, young people should start their entrepreneurial journey young as there are numerous benefits and headstarts you can gain at that age. 


1) Motivation and energy 
Young people would have more energy to tackle the first obstacles. Not only that, during that age, young people can be more motivated and enthusiastic as they can gain knowledge and learn about different experiences in business. Just like how Gary Vaynerchuk started a lemonade franchise at the age of 7.

2) High Adaptability
Every passing generation would bring in the rise in certain trends inhabited by young people. Coupled with young people being less committed to rules and norms and more flexibility, young entrepreneurs can invite more creative ideas and insights in approaching business problems, thus improving business processes at the same time. 

For example, with the rise in NFT and cryptocurrency, companies would embrace the trend and implement it into their business, 

3) Lower stakes 
Young people would tend to have fewer responsibilities if their family has a stable financial background. Not only that, the idea of paying mortgage on a house, raising a child, and working a job, it would be hard to do juggle between those responsibilities while starting a business. 

Even though it is normal for young people to indulge in video games, they could start their entrepreneurial journey at that age by start taking the first steps which are often the hardest things to do. 

4) The ability to take risk
In terms of financially, young people can take advantage of their age to start their entrepreneurial journey because even though they may fail, they are still able to recoup their losses in the future by working in a job.  

In terms of personal development, young people can develop their ability to take on risk and embrace it as this soft skill would be useful in the future especially when running a side hustle or a business

The teenage years, and more specifically college, is the best time in ones life to start a company. You have an extraordinary amount of free time, you’re surrounded by folks with varying skillsets and every one is perfectly ok working on projects and ideas for little to no compensation. I’d hate to break it to you but after college the world changes dramatically. It is very hard, and nearly impossible, to get people to do things for free.

Now with that said, my message to these students is often around just going for it. Why wouldn’t you? An opportunity to build yourself a job and career by the time you graduate is something we all should go for.

Answer by Luke Sophinos, Founder & CEO at CourseKey, on Quora 

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