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Entrepreneurship can be very challenging and lonely. VentureStart is a yearly membership program focused on providing continuous support for entrepreneurs in developing their business, building connections, raising funds, and expanding to new markets.

How we help:

1.  On-Demand Assistance

Gain on-demand, continuous support (business and tech) from our team at BEAM throughout the course of your entrepreneurial journey, accessible online and offline.

Our team will strive to provide you with the necessary support, advisory, and resources needed to save you time in developing your business more effectively.

* Offline face-to-face support is subject to availability and limited to 2 sessions monthly for up to 12 months.

Reach out to us anytime for the following:

Ideation & PrototypingGo-To-MarketFundraisingExpansion & Scaling
  • Ideation and Value Proposition
  • Validating the market
  • Assistance with developing your MVP/prototype
  • Forming the right team
  • Focusing on the key areas to execute on
  • Incorporation & Structuring your cap table
  • Creating a financial plan for the business.
  • Finding a product market fit
  • Understanding customer mindsets
  • Pitching/presenting your business effectively to customers
  • Getting your first customers
  • Effective Branding and Marketing
  • Growth Hacking Strategies (Low cost customer acquisition)
  • Legal and Financial Assistance
  • Product Refinements and User Experience
  • Strategies for approaching and negotiating with investors
  • Preparing an effective presentation deck/plan for investors
  • Valuing your company
  • Handling Rejection & Restrategizing
  • Pitching effectively to investors
  • Understanding legal terms associated with investments
  • Understanding investor mindsets
  • Structuring your company for investments & longevity
  • Goals, Projections, and Execution Roadmaps
  • Assistance in expansion to other markets (softlanding)
  • Getting connections & partners in new markets
  • Understanding the landscape of new markets
  • Introduction to investors in new markets
  • Hiring assistance and support
  • Optimizing company costs for expansion

2.  Valuable Connections & Introductions

Gain valuable introductions to connections BEAM has forged over the years. These range from industry experts, investors, government & corporate representatives, media/press, and many more.

Not only will you save tremendous amount of time in forging these new relationships, many of these connections will be able to assist you a lot quicker with your goals and needs.

3.  Access to Mentors

Reduce the cost of mistakes by receiving valuable counsel and insights at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Tap into our mentor network of over 80 mentors and industry experts in various subject areas ranging from investments, legal, technical, HR, and many other areas.

* Mentors sessions are subject to availability and may be conducted online via conference call.

Connect with over 80 mentors:

Christopher Quek

Managing Partner of Tri5 Ventures

Leck Ting Yan

Director, Tri5 Ventures

Andrew Tan

Managing Partner of TBV Capital and CEO of

Dalston Pung

CEO and Co-founder of Nox Express

Paul Yeap

Consultant at Acumen Bizcorp

Ivan Yap

CEO and Co-founder of Quest Entrepreneurs Mastery

Cai Li

Co-founder of Airfrov

John Paul Chen

Managing Director of Saltycustoms

4.  Special Events & Retreats

Gain complimentary access to many special events, conferences, workshops, and private sessions BEAM organizes.

As part of the venture program, you will also receive special pricings and exclusive sessions at the yearly entrepreneur retreats.

5.  Media Coverage & Marketing

Tell your story and get it distributed on BEAM and our partner network of over 30 media organizations around the world. Reach millions of people and build brand credibility for your company.

Via our coverage and news distribution channels, there is a very high probability of other media organizations around the world picking up and covering the story.

We distribute your story to over 30 publications

6.  Investments & Fundraising Support

We will support companies throughout their fundraising process. This includes deal structuring, term sheet screening/evaluation, strategy consult, and investor introductions.

BEAM may also make strategic investments in companies that peak our interest. This also includes providing detailed screening and strategy analysis investment deals.

* Grants are also available for first time founders in Singapore.

7.  Market Access & Expansion

With a presence in 8 countries and growing, you can easily leverage on BEAM's vast network to scale and grow your business when it's ready for expansion.

Countries Include: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo), Taiwan (Taipei), China (Wuhan), Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

8.  Contribution Platform

As your ventures take off, we hope to provide a platform where fellow alumni can contribute back to the community by sharing their knowledge, experience, and strategies for up and coming entrepreneurs.

You will be invited exclusively to panel sessions, forums, and many events happening within the community.

What You will Gain from the Program:

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