Cheehaw ChoongMalaysia

Founder & Creative

swapnaliIndia (इंडिया)

Travel ManagerSwapnali has over 15 years of professional experience in travel industry. She holds a Master’s degree in organic chemistry as a qualification. She ...

Amelia fanshionUnited States

Buy Designer Lace Dresses is a best for designer lace dresses online at affordable prices. Our product comes in a variety of designs & styles that you ...

Disha GuptaUnited Arab Emirates

PR ManagerRvR Ventures was incorporated with an intent to offer it's customers professional wealth-management services. RvR Ventures invest, operate & ...


CTO of Nucleus SolutionsAn engineer who used to drill for the oil and gas industry who loves coding and design. What my company does is what I do now and here's the list...

Yon HeongSingapore

Content Strategist of e27I am a journalist covering the tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia

Mary Wingo, Ph.D.United States

Scientist, EntrepreneurMary Wingo, Ph.D. (University of North Texas) is a human physiologist, scientist, and one of the world's top experts on the study of human stress...

Boss Video PlayerUnited States

HTML5 video playerAmong the other companies in the market Boss Video Player has differentiated itself by offering best in class High Tech HTML5 video player. We always ...

Steven SeetSingapore

Chairman Tomato GroupWith a background in new media and specialising in mergers and acquisitions, I have been mentoring startups and helping them to develop, raise funds a...

Tanzeev HaqueBangladesh (বাংলাদেশ)

Founder & CEO of DeshiProChemical Engineer. Entrepreneur


EntrepreneurI got rid of my 9-5 job 🌟 and can now work from anywhere 🌟🌟 Trust the Magic 🌟 of new beginnings.

Dhiyas SatyatamaIndonesia

Corporate Finance | Jr. EntrepreneurExperienced relationship builder for more than five years backed with finance & accounting skills. Establishes a small retail coffee shop cal...


Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment CenterWe are the first center in Nicaragua that specializes in the treatment for Autism and other neuro-developmental disorders, which provides a comprehens...


Manager at Ants TribeAnts Tribe create a lifestyle of convenience by turning online shopping experience into a fresh new look. Accounting and Logistics services is now av...

lim ai lingMalaysia

FounderScream Scuba Wetsuits

Sujan RoyIndia (इंडिया)

CEO Of HRM CAMPUS(Growth Advisors Consulting Group)An Indian Entrepreneur running business of HR Consulting, Business Consulting and Education Consulting. Keeps interest in knowledge sharing and increa...

Naveen LingarajIndia (इंडिया)

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Senior Software Engineer at Hexaware Technologies


DENEXTMake something different & Learn something new that is what i used to looking for to fulfill my curiosity in every second every single day. Rememb...

Alvin LaiMalaysia

Director of Nutribeast

Samson ChuahMalaysia

Business Development Manager at WargaBiz magazin