Marcin IdzikPoland

Business Control Team Leader w H&M

Tyrone JPoland

CEOEntrepreneur, that started Apploit. It's all about software you use. Choose wiser with Apploit.

Tomasz MaciejewskiPoland

Explainer Videos for ICO projects | Community and events for Digital Nomads in Poland


CEO at DataFlowyArkadiusz is a serial entrepreneur and he gained experience in six countries spanning three continents. He worked at three different ventures of Rocke...

Victoria KaprizPoland

Founder and Head Designer of Son Trava

Pawel MarkowskiPoland

Business Development Manager @adCookieWorking for one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Europe. Willing to help other businesses reach their full potential with the use of state-o...

Mateusz SawkaPoland

Software Engineer w codequest

Volodymyr Rudov-TsymbalistPoland

Founder Of MOMENT

Michał KakolPoland

Sells real estate obtained from the restructuring of companies

A'mal JadeMalaysia

(None)Ex-Gov servant for more than 10 years at Food Safety and Quality Divisions (FSQ) under Ministry of Health, Malaysia. 10 years of collecting knowledges...


FounderI am always thrilled about what we can do together, looking forward to meet like minded+exciting people to grow with!


CEO of Lightbulb Apparel Uniform and T shirts printingI manage a team that helps business small or large design, print and manufacturer t shirts and uniforms

astrixIndia (इंडिया)

MD at WaggLABS

Prazanta by LevonorIndia (इंडिया)

Digital MarketerPrazanta(meaning ‘peaceful’, ‘calm’, or ‘tranquil’ in Sanskrit) is a collection of luxury villas set within the modern and vibrant surroun...


Crea magliette personalizzate, felpe, polo, scaldabraccia e molti altri tipi di accessori.Acquista la nostra collezione di fantastiche t-shirt, stampe artistiche felpe, polo, scaldabraccia e molti altri tipi di accessori. Le W-Shirt sono an...

Dennis LeeMalaysia

Brand & Digital Designer

Joy WilsonIndonesia

CEO of Joy Wilson loan companyHello, I'm Joy Wilson, a private loan lender, are you in debt? You need a financial boost? joywilsonloanfirm@gmail.come

Chin Mei ChuoMalaysia

Owner of The MC's Wok


Co-Founder Puffin Builder | Aitomon AI Robotics IOT

Ilaria SofiaChina (中国)

Business Development Manager


Head, Channel Development