FloorGermany (Deutschland)

Founder Founder8Floor leads Business Development, Research and Alliance Growth at Founder8. She is passionate about helping businesses attract relevant contacts for t...

André VollstädtGermany (Deutschland)


Christian BrandstetterGermany (Deutschland)

Technology Entrepreneurship

Dragan MilchevskiGermany (Deutschland)

CTO at Ambiverse

Artem SysyukGermany (Deutschland)

Communication manager with over 4 years of experience in IT. I have a solid foundation in sales, and customer support.

Michael WilliamsGermany (Deutschland)

Suesmaw Int.Ent.I am an IT professional with years of working experiences. I am now looking forward to starting up my own business.

Zigarren HerzogGermany (Deutschland)

BusinessDas Unternehmen Zigarrenshop Herzog in Berlin wurde im Jahr 1996 gegründet. Das Zigarrenhaus bietet vor Ort und online ein umfangreiches Produktsorti...

S GGermany (Deutschland)


Sascha GrumbachGermany (Deutschland)

Serial Entrepreneur, Founding Partner, CEO & Growth Addict

Color N Drive UGGermany (Deutschland)

Acquista Vernice KIA di Alta Qualità per RitocchiColor N Drive fornisce sistemi di ritocco di alta qualità per auto KIA, così il tuo veicolo tornerà come nuovo. Abbiamo un’ampia gamma di 6630 co...

Alex GalertGermany (Deutschland)

TechFunder - Building Startups with Marketing Experts, Code for Equity, Work for Equity

KinjalGermany (Deutschland)

Business Headwould like to interact more & more people sharing each-other ideas, skills & positive thoughts. Always ready to learn new things n grow day by...

MelanieGermany (Deutschland)

HR Professional at IMC

MainzimmoGermany (Deutschland)

Real Estate CEO

Barbora JumrovaGermany (Deutschland)

Talent Acquisition Manager at crobo

Tomya MateoGermany (Deutschland)

FounderFounder at Hominems | Designer with arts background, interested in tech applied to design (wearables/e-garments) | Won a master scholarship to study D...

Eugene OdyntsovGermany (Deutschland)

Business AnalystI work as business development consultant moreve 5 years. I specialize in launching new products for startup and SME.

Marco SchickeGermany (Deutschland)

Design Engineer

RichardGermany (Deutschland)

Founder of Apkod

Alexandra GattiGermany (Deutschland)

Business development manager at Spacebase GmbH

Aime Antonia OkamotoGermany (Deutschland)

Senior Business Development Manager at WeQ Global