Greg NichollsUnited Kingdom

Co-Founder of Stage One StartupI'm the proud co-founder of the Stage One Startup Podcast, a podcast for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. We bring you the best minds in busi...

ThomasUnited Kingdom

ProfessorAcademic interested in start ups.

Jamie McmanamonUnited Kingdom

Startup founder - Cortex Creatives

AdamUnited Kingdom

CEO of Palm CultureWatersports Instructor, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, CEO

Roger LaroseUnited Kingdom

ArchitectI am a master of science in water architecture with a hands off 16yrs experience, focusing on designs of dams, swimming pools, interior and exterior w...

JacobUnited Kingdom

Founder, MoonlightingPeripatetic Brit, multidisciplinary autodidact primarily a software architect, dev lead; plus UX and much else ;) Currently developing a web framework...

Kevin BoylesUnited Kingdom

Tech MgrBorn in the UK, 20 years technical delivery project manager working for the No1 Telco in UK. But looking to partner with like minded people purely on ...

Alex GalvinUnited Kingdom

Founder of Happy LandlordExperienced London property professional.

Kelvin AdzigbliUnited Kingdom

Co-Founder of Seat It1st Class BA Business Management & Recent MSc Sports Management Graduate. Budding Entrepreneur. Lover of Sports, Entertainment & Streetwear...

AquaBabies GlobalUnited Kingdom

MarketingWe are worldwide pioneers in Baby Swimming and we can offer world first concepts! Our new innovative programs make us stand out above our competitors ...

Joseph NamaUnited Kingdom

DirectorExecutive Director

Isaac Muyiwa-OjoUnited Kingdom

CEO Kungstead Technologies UK LtdSearching for honest business partnership

Dwayne GloverUnited Kingdom

CEO of Taged Builders KingstonI own and manage Taged Builders Kingston. We provide construction services in London.

Joseph LauUnited Kingdom

Hybrid Private Equity Investment Consultant

Wilson HallUnited Kingdom

Consultant Engineer

Greg NichollsUnited Kingdom

Co-Host & Co-Founder of Stage One StartupI am the proud Co-Host and Co-Founder of Stage One Startup - The Podcast for Startups and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Dedicated to showing people an alte...

Ines NewellUnited Kingdom

Beauty TherapistI’m self-employed as Beauty therapist. My treatment room is called the Little African Beauty Room because I work from home. And I’m currently stud...

Maxwell DavisUnited Kingdom

EntrepreneurBeen living in Singapore since 2012 and Il currently working in the Corporate World with Rolls-Royce (aircraft engines not cars!). Looking to do my o...

Thomas HeinisUnited Kingdom

Assistant Professor in Data Management at Imperial College London & Visiting Professor at EPFL

JamesUnited Kingdom


Paul AustinUnited Kingdom

Founder of HeardFounder of Heard, a brand new social app that brings you together with the people around you