AniyaUnited States

Wanting to beomcome successfulI am 17 years old, looking to become a successful entrepreneur .

Nico SerdeirUnited States

CEO of MilqyI run a creative studio, Milqy, and invest in Forex

Yasmin KnightUnited States

CEO of K Endeavors LtdOwn a clothing brand, looking to expand. Wrote a memoir with a persona, which is being optioned into a TV Series, on which a book deal will be sign...

Somto IwuekeUnited States

CEO of TRIBELINKAngel Investor required for Tech Startup Founder of Tribelink. "Linking African diaspora through modern Technology"

Ayo OgunUnited States

CEO of Soultanicals

Goldin Group LLCUnited States

CEOGoldin Group LLC providing you with the outstanding services to our customers because of our commitment to the three fundamental principles of profess...

Sanchez PatrickUnited States

CEO of Bridgewell Capital LlcI'm the CEO of BridgeWell Capital LLC , My company is a direct, licensed mortgage lender that provides financial services to real estate investo...

isbellaUnited States

CEOI am Isbells Cullin and I Lives in the US. Connect with me for collaboration.

Michael MarraUnited States

Founder of ME Group, CEO of EntreMichael is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. He is the Founder of ME Group and CEO of Entre. As a former civil engineer and real estate in...

TanyaUnited States


Elizabeth GarciaUnited States

CEOGlobal Property specialist with Real Broker LLC.Investor Investing in hospitality industry currently selling class A shares With 506c Reg D. For mor...

Desmond J. WatsonUnited States

Co-Founder & CEO of Hexagon Lavish®I am a co-founder and the CEO of Hexagon Lavish®, an Atlanta, Georgia-based anti-AI scientific R&D startup that has developed informational inter...

Shalom AlmogUnited States

CEOCoral Travel & Tours offer a wide range of unique travel programs to suit the needs of individuals and groups of all denominations, including week...

Delise JamesUnited States

CEO Delise James Financial ServiceI'm hard working and humble

Marjorie JosaphatUnited States

Website owner-affiliate websitesHR Director, Entrepreneur, Investor. I have created and intend to create affiliate websites. I have funded the building of the website. I need a partn...

Thomas VendorUnited States

Co-founderI work in a young independent company that combines the flexibility of a motivated team with the experience and know-how of a technology leader. Part...

Brendon WongUnited States

CEO of Antigravity InvestmentsBrendon is the founder of Antigravity Investments, a fintech startup with the mission of replacing multitrillion-dollar financial products with code.

Charlene ConsolacionUnited States

CEO of the Smart License Plate "Phrame"Making things happen at, transforming how people fit their vehicles in their day-to-day lives. ACHIEVEMENTS For over 10 years, Char...

SemidotUnited States

CEOTop mobile and web development company.

KatieUnited States

Co-Founder of Undiagnosed TeesI am a young student entrepreneur who designed and launched a tee shirt brand that advocates for mental health.

Ronald IngrahamUnited States

President/CEO/FounderGlobal Enthusiast! Fascinated by the legal fiction called the "corporation" - what they are, what they do. Best description of Me : Focused...