What is the best online store for on-demand deliveries? Preferably under your own brand.

Looking for a simple, affordable, and reliable online store solution for my own brand. Best if it supports on-demand deliveries.

Alfred Lee

17 Feb, 2022

1 Answer

Kenneth Ho

Director @ BEAMSTART

A good online store solution for on-demand deliveries would be Branded Store (formerly Beepmix).

It basically comes with all the key features you need to run an online on-demand business, and it's super simple and affordable.

Here are some of its key perks:

1. Super Simple Shopping Experience

Most online stores have a very complicated checkout experience for customers, with many forms to fill up. Branded Store's interface is extremely simple and intuitive, making shopping a very fun and seamless experience. It also works great on mobile.

2. Low transaction fees & multiple payment methods all integrated

Branded Store's solution comes with payment gateways integrated, supporting all kinds of payment methods ranging from online banking, card payments, and even e-wallets. Transaction fees are also very competitive (as low as 1.9% only)

3. Powerful marketing tools

There are 2 key features that make the store great for driving customers:

  • An agent/promoter system - Store owners can set up a referral program where anyone who refers their products can earn a commission. The best part is payouts happen automatically. 
  • Powerful discount/voucher system - Store owners can set up coupons/vouchers with customized benefits to drive more sales (ie: minimum spend, discounts for first use, etc.)

4. CashBack for customer retention

A good way to keep customers returning is to reward them for their loyalty. With Branded Store's CashBack solution, customers are able to receive rebates (cashback) when they make a purchase. Cashback can then be utilized to offset the price of their next purchases. All of this happens automatically and there's no management on the seller's end.

5. One-click deliveries (on-demand deliveries supported)

Branded Store supports integrated logistics, where sellers can simply dispatch a logistics partner in a click of a button. On-demand delivery is supported too.

6. Instant WhatsApp Notifications

Both sellers and buyers are able to receive WhatsApp notifications for their orders, making it very reliable and sellers will never miss an order.

In Conclusion

There are many more amazing features that make Branded Store a great solution, but the best part is that it is super affordable and simple to use

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