Who are some young & successful women entrepreneurs in Asia?

Woman empowerment is gaining momentum in Asia. Who are some young & successful women entrepreneurs in Asia, and what they do?

Anne Aquino

30 Jan, 2022

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Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

Here is a list of woman entrepreneurs: 

1. Vivy Sofinas Yusof

Vivy Yusof is the co-founder of Fashion Valet, the go-to destination for the modest fashion industry. With a large curated social media following, they are able to build their brand over 10 years, being a platform to many modest fashion brands as well as developing their own lineup of house brands.

Fashion Valet also hosted many fundraisers and social campaigns such as: 

  • A COVID-19 fund with the aim to raise money and awareness on the shortages our hospitals and clinics are experiencing in terms of equipment, sustenance, and volunteers. The fund had raised RM1.5 million which had been donated to medical institutions all over the country.
  • A partnership with Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA) where they come together to sew PPE suits themselves while IMARET distributes them
  • dUCk, one of the brands under the FashionValet Group, has made a donation of 1,700 scarves totaling RM255,00 to Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia, who will then distribute to frontliners wearing the hijab.

2. Mac Chung Lynn 

Mac Chung Lynn held the role of the Director and Group CEO of Nando's Malaysia and Singapore at the age of 24, from the first store in Bangsar which has expanded to 75 Nando's outlets in Malaysia and 11 Nando's outlets in Singapore. 

During her time as Director and Group role, she has: 

  • Launched a Yellow Ribbon initiative with a partnership with the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises. The initiative aims to give equal opportunity to ex-offenders. Through the initiative, she has employed more than 200 ex-offenders, making a difference by giving ex-offenders a second chance. 

3. Cheryl Yeoh 

 Cheryl (Yeoh) Sew Hoy is a Chinese-Malaysian high-performer with her role as an entrepreneur, board member, speaker, and angel investor. 

Her professional porfolio: 

  • Founding CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), a government-funded agency launched by President Barack Obama and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2014 with a vision to promote the growth trajectory of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. 
  • The MaGIC program has impacted 2,800 startups and created an economic value of RM2.1 billion.
  • An Independent Board Member of Flexiroam Limited, an Australian-based telecommunications company to provide consultation and advice to tech companies

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