How can I advance my online teaching career?

Where can I find a list of Online Teaching jobs, freelance, projects?

Cris Uy

28 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

If you would like to search for a list of online job portals, you can refer to this discussion 

For job portals more specific to online teaching, here are some recommendations:

We had also covered a few Edtech startups that are on the rise such as an Indian-based Edtech startup LEAD School and Malaysia-based Edtech startup Pandai. These startups are currently expanding where you may potentially strike a collaboration with them.

Here are some tips you can advance your online teaching career :

1. Constant learning

Even though constant learning is applied to students, every teacher is a student of itself. Constant learning can be: 

  • Venturing into different subjects 
  • Exploring different tools and assets to enrich the learning experience 
  • Apply for teaching certification to boost your reputation and instill trust 

I believe that constant learning should be the core of not only teachers but any aspiring career professionals that are willing to excel in their future.

2. Network with other teachers 

Learning should not be an individual echo in a chamber but numerous echoes in one. To put it simply, networking with other teachers is a viable option for further advancement in your teaching career. 

Networking allows you to:

  • Gain access to future job opportunities 
  • Learn insights from various teachers 
  • Apply lessons from past mistakes in your career 
  • Catch up on the latest developments in your teaching industry 

Some communities to be considered :

3. Diving into different languages

I believe that this can be a business opportunity for any aspiring teacher to expand their teaching career.

Why is that is because: 

  • This applies to constant learning where you learn how to communicate in other languages 
  • Related to networking as you can network with other teachers in that language space 
  • Allows you to establish your niche or be the go-to teacher in that language space 

Establishing yourself in that language space would allow you to gain access to a demanding market in which you can promote other services that you can offer. 

This information may be too overwhelming for any starters in their teaching career, but as they say, "Learning is not about the destination but the journey itself", so enjoy the journey and we wish you all the best in your teaching career!

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