Differences between wantrepreneur and entrepreneur?

Can someone share about what is the difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur?


28 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Alfred Lee

Journalist at BEAMSTART. I write about breaking business news in the region.

A "wantrepreneur" is someone who is more caught up with the glamour of entrepreneurship, rather than building a business that is sustainable and solves a clear problem / need in the market.

Wantrepreneurs are typically people who exhibit these traits:

  • They have many ideas, but don't take action / execute.
  • They're starting a business as a means to boost their egos
  • They see themselves as "artists" rather than "problem solvers".
  • They think that entrepreneurship is about making lots of "passive income", while putting in minimal effort.

Personally to me, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be an entrepreneur, but the journey will be a long and painful one for the wantrepreneur crowd.

That's because "real entrepreneurship" isn't as glamorous as the media paints it out to be.

  • It require lots of effort, often time many sleepless nights.
  • There's lot of worry — paying the bills, keeping the team, coming up with new solutions to grow the business .
  • You'll deal with a lot of entitled kids/staff who are a liability to the company.

If your "why" isn't strong, don't be an entrepreneur.

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