How does the Tiktok algorithm work ?

How can businesses use tiktok to promote

Vrisha Phrabhakaran

24 Jan, 2022

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Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

Even though many people would preach the saying that "as long as you make quality content, you would get big". However, whether you are a business trying to advertise your product or a creator trying to get big on Tiktok, an understanding of Tiktok's algorithm could help you incrementally. 

Therefore to get started, we can look at the perspective of a user which is the algorithm of the For You Page. 

  • User interactions 
    Tiktok would track the user's interaction such as the videos they like or share, the accounts they follow, comments they have posted, and the content that the user creates.
  • Video Information 
    Details in the video would include captions, trendy songs or sounds, and the right hashtag.
  • Device and account settings  
    This can include the user's language preference, country setting, and device type. This can often be seen as contents of the user's Tiktok would change based on the country they are in.
  • Introducing different content instead of content repetitiveness 
    Tiktok would not usually show the same type of content as users will inevitably stumble upon different content on their For You Page.  
  • A strong or weak indicator 
    Tiktok could track different indicators that are shown by the user. A strong indicator would be like if the user finishes watching a video all the way through. A weak indicator would be like the viewer and creator are in different geographical locations.
  • The factor of follower count
    This would not be an issue to creators everywhere as Tiktok stated neither follower count nor whether the account has previous high-performing videos would not affect the For You page. 

From all of this, how do businesses or creators take advantage of Tiktok's algorithm?

1) Hook your audience 
This is especially important for the first three seconds of your content. To display a strong interest indicator, Tiktok would favor videos that are easy-to-digest which would be catered to users with short attention spans. When you have an intriguing hook or intro, most viewers would eventually watch the entire Tiktok and this would signal a strong indicator to be shared further.

2) Focus on a niche
 This could be creating consistent content in your niche as it would influence the For You page algorithm. This is because the more content you create is related to a niche, the more the algorithm would recognize your expertise and thus share your content for other users to explore. For example, if you are a baker, you could input #bakery or #sweets for each content you create as this would be recognized by the algorithm. 

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