How do you measure the effectiveness of your team?

I started hiring a bunch of people (mix of interns and full timers), how can I more effectively measure their performance in the company? What methods do you use to track/measure performance? Appreciate the feedback.

Mira Nathalea

24 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

Here are some ways or methods: 

  • The quality of work 
    Even though there is no perfect metric to access the effectiveness, you can observe their quality of work if there are different teams involved. 
  • The efficiency of work 
    The basic metric is to see whether they could finish their task before a set deadline. You could delegate a task to them and observe the progression of the task from start to finish. 
  • Communication between co-workers
    I believe this is one way for workers to express their opinions regarding the workplace or allow them to voice out their suggestions to further improve business processes. It could be as easy as having a sharing session with workers. 

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