How do you think the 'Great Resignation' will affect Asia?

What are the changes you can expect in the Asian work environment

Vrisha Phrabhakaran

21 Jan, 2022

2 Answers

Alfred Lee

Journalist at BEAMSTART. I write about breaking business news in the region.

Probably not as bad as the west simply because people here are less entitled and "karen"-like.

Plus the level of income is much lower here in Asia, so people need their jobs and will struggle harder to keep them - especially in poorer countries.

While I do believe more Asians will be involved in remote / freelance jobs, this shift has been happening for a while now, and probably will increase as more western companies hire remote talent.

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Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

I do agree with Alfred. I think the Great Resignation would not affect Asia much. This is because the Great Resignation derives from:

  • Workers especially in the service sector resigning due to poor working condition 
  • Workers seeking a work-life balance 

To move on to other jobs, they would need to have the capability to support themselves during those periods of unemployment. 

In terms of the Asian work environment, I do think companies or upcoming startups would learn from the Great Resignation happening in the West to not repeat the mistakes. 

I also believe that the Great Resignation could bring some perspectives of work-life balance and mental health of workers to the Asian work culture.

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