What was your first job and what did you learn?

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Kenneth Ho

18 Jan, 2022

3 Answers

Vrisha Phrabhakaran

Partnerships & Content Coordinator

My first job was as a sales representative. The job thought me was how important and useful it was to have people skills. It made me realise that in this digital age people are neglecting this skill as they do not realise the power of sharing and creating a connection with another person. Before this job, I considered myself an introvert and shied away from talking to strangers as much as possible and I never saw any reason to put myself out of my comfort zone. I took the job because knew this was an area of weakness for me and I thought it would also be a good side income while studying. Due to the nature of the job I was forced to talk to strangers and even though it was extremely uncomfortable at first, I soon realised how much you can learn from just a 5-minute conversation with another person. The skills and confidence I have developed from the experience helped me communicate better and read people's emotions, behaviour etc. easily. Even though I still have a lot of room for improvement with my people skills, the work experience changed my mindset and overall it was a very fruitful experience.

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Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

One of my first jobs is that I worked part-time as a kitchen assistant. I was still in my early days as a new college student and I would like to earn some side income while studying. 

In my experience, I've learned the struggles that those who work in the culinary career. The stress and pressure to keep up with the pace of the workflow is hard, especially when customers are at their peak. 

Also, I've learned how to manage my time. Since I was still a student, I would need to juggle between assignments at college while working on the weekends. This has given me an eye-opening experience especially for those who would have a job and work on their side hustle at the same time.

Muskan Kataria

Intern Writer

My first job was giving tuitions to students for Biology and English Language while I was also completing my college. It was a task to manage my own studies and take out time to give classes to O'level students. This job helped me in learning time management and made me aware that what I really want to become ahead. I am looking forward to become a psychology professor. This job not only helped with time management but also helped me built patience. 

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