What jobs are popular today among fresh graduates?

Much has changed since before the pandemic. What jobs are popular among fresh graduates today?

Rufus Duo

16 Jan, 2022

3 Answers

Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

According to a report by Glassdoor, they released a report on the most popular jobs for US college graduates held in the first 5 years of their career. 

  1. Sales Associate 
  2. Research Assistant 
  3. Teaching Assistant 
  4. Internship 
  5. Administrative Assitant 
  6. Account Manager 
  7. Social Media Manager 
  8. Software Engineer 
  9. Case Manager 
  10. Data Analyst 
  11. Engineer 
  12. Marketing Coordinator 
  13. Web Developer 
  14. Financial Analyst 
  15. Operations Manager 
  16. Lab Technician 
  17. Pharmacy Technician 
  18. Substitute Teacher 
  19. Customer Service Representative 
  20. Tutor 

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Vrisha Phrabhakaran

Partnerships & Content Coordinator

Hey Rufus,

You're right the pandemic has changed a lot of things. Fresh graduates have different priorities in comparison to pre-pandemic times.  With the 4th industrial revolution and web3 converging we do see a growing interest in IT, data sciences, engineering etc. Banking and finance is also another eye-catching industry for fresh graduates as it has stood strong during the pandemic. We also see a transition in sales and market that has picked up steam through online platforms. Digital marketing, e-commerce and entrepreneurship are now hot industries for young graduates. Healthcare and pharmacy have also seen an uptake in interest as well. Mental health (psychology/psychiatric) is also an important industry that has attracted more attention from the younger generation.

Muskan Kataria

Intern Writer

It has been identified tens of thousands of resumes of the fresh graduates look for jobs that are pretty much in demand in today's world. This specifically includes tech related jobs such as  IT assistant, software engineer, data analyst, web developer. Whereas the other catchy jobs include financial analyst,  marketing coordinator.

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