What is the cheapest job posting site for recruiters with many jobseekers?

I'm a recruiter looking to find good talent for my companies. What are some of the best and cheapest job posting sites out there? Preferably those that have have high number of jobseekers.

Haswini Morgan

15 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Kenneth Ho

Director @ BEAMSTART

I believe it is a dream for recruiters to find a job site that's affordable and has a high number of quality jobseekers/candidates.

While most quality job sites are not very expensive, they aren't very cheap either. 

Most job sites that are active typically charge on a per-job basis, or a very high monthly subscription.

Below are a list of job sites that I personally use and find relatively affordable:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not cheap. In fact, it could be one of the most expensive job sites in the market.

However, LinkedIn has many high quality candidates, and their application rate is also very high (even for interns!). 

If you can save lots of time getting candidates, I personally believe you indirectly save quite a fair bit of time as well. 

So yes, LinkedIn is one of those sites that I've personally paid on a regular basis to recruit talent.

Also, LinkedIn gives you 1 free job post, which is pretty awesome as you can continuously use it to hire multiple candidates.


BEAMSTART is also one of the places that I personally use to recruit talent, especially jobseekers who are looking to work in a startup.

In fact, I believe BEAMSTART is probably one of the most affordable (and effective) job posting sites in the market, where recruiters can post an unlimited number of jobs for just $19/quarterly for up to 3 companies.

And if you're a recruiter who wishes to post an unlimited number of jobs for an unlimited number of companies, it's just $79/quarterly.

The best part about BEAMSTART is that jobs posted on the platform receive lots of traffic simply because:

BEAMSTART jobs also lets you link candidate applications directly to your own website or email — something many other job posting sites don't let you do (they want to keep all the applications within their site).

3. Indeed

Indeed is also another popular job posting site that receives lots of monthly traffic.

In fact, Indeed is one of those companies that lets you post up jobs for free.

The only drawback of using Indeed is that most jobs posted for 'free' receive very little or no traffic unless you "boost" the post by paying for advertising.

That being said, Indeed is still a good place to post up niche jobs (positions where there's little competition)

4. Tech In Asia Jobs

Tech In Asia Jobs is a fairly popular job site for companies looking to hire talent that are passionate about technology and startups in Asia.

It is also pretty affordable, starting at just $99/month, with many features to manage applicants and explore a vast candidate database.

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