Why should one attempt to improve work attitudes, such as job satisfaction, commitment, and fit?

Muskan Kataria

13 Jan, 2022

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Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

According to my research, work attitudes comprises of both job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Job satisfaction refers to the feelings people have toward their job and organizational commitment is the emotional attachment people have toward the company they work for.

Therefore, if one is to improve their work attitudes, they would indirectly improve their job satisfaction and organizational commitment. 

If one does improve their work attitudes, they would also improve their job satisfaction. Improving your work attitudes can be like finding a social circle or group that resonates with your interest which could allow you to better connect and socialize with your co-workers.

Establishing a work-life balance work attitude can also prove wonders for you as you separate your state of mind when in the workplace or away from it. While work-life balance is often preached as a factor that only a company can control, it may not be the case. Examples may include

  • Setting a certain schedule for when you are available to respond to emails and work-related task 
  • Turning off work-related notifications after work can prevent you getting distracted while you enjoy your free time.

When you set these boundaries, you are also managing your mental health as well.

A change in work attitude can also result in increased organizational commitment. The work attitude of working with someone you admire or look up to is one of the factors that would encourage a positive outlook in your work. It can be a person you meet in this discussion forum or even a content creator that you would want to support. 

Take me as an example, I once volunteered myself to help a local Malaysian finance youtuber to conduct research as I support his channel of releasing financial content to local Malaysians who would appreciate and potentially need it. 

Resource worth to read : Work Attitudes

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