Besides Quora, what are some of the top Q&A sites/platforms for startups and entrepreneurship?

Keen to know if there are Q&A sites/platforms focusing on startups/entrepreneurship besides Quora.

Alfred Lee

12 Jan, 2022

2 Answers

Wilson Twoon

BeamStart Intern

Hi there, I came across different business sites and resources, hope you would find these useful.

One of venture capitalist and angel investor you can check out is Jason Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis was an early investor in many startups where some have evolved into multi-billion dollar businesses such as:

  • ride-hailing firm Uber
  • Securities trading platform RobinHood
  • Freelance Hiring platform Thumbtack 

He then branched out to other businesses such as Growth University where he would organize programs that would aid in growing your business such as business growth through podcasting and fundraising for startups. Events would also be hosted where other founders or entrepreneurs would give their advice on certain topics, for example an upcoming event on Top HR Tips for Startups.

He has also ventured into the YouTube space where he hosted the channel This Week in Startups where 5 days a week he would cover the latest business news and also interviewing various different entrepreneurs and founders across many industries. 

He also hosted the All-In podcast which had been gaining traction since last year. The podcast is also joined by renowned investors such as David Friedberg, David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya. This podcast would cover any news related to politics, business, science and more which does foster an exchange of different opinions and perspectives. 

If you are interested in daily newsletters, I would recommend the Morning Brew newsletter. This newsletter would contain general news covering politics, business, science and many more. They also offer more niche newsletter that may suit your needs such as : 

  • Marketing Brew newsletter 
  • HR Brew newsletter 
  • Emerging Tech newsletter 

These are the resources that I have encountered. I would love other business resource suggestions you may have. Let me know in this discussion or reach out to me.

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Barry Chen

Business Owner

Some of the best question and answer (Q&A) sites I've come across are as follows:

  1. Quora - By far one of the best hands down. They have a tremendous database of questions of all kinds. 
  2. StackOverflow - A great place to ask questions if you are a programmer. As I was (and still am) a newbie to coding, this site has helped me so much.
  3. Reddit - Another good place to get insights on certain topics. Only drawback is you need to find the right community to be part of (some are private).
  4. StackExchange - A general Q&A site much like Quora, from the same owners as StackOverflow.
  5. Yahoo Answers - Kinda dead right now, but there are some helpful content there. I personally never contributed anything there though.
  6. JustAnswer - A Q&A website that lets you seek help from professionals / experts.
  7. - A Q&A site and community for people passionate about startups. Pretty similar to BEAMSTART.
  8. BEAMSTART - Recently visited BEAMSTART again recently and I realized there's now a Q&A section here. Kudos to the team for setting it up, looking forward to read more entrepreneurial content.

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